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Love Styles Essay

1247 words - 5 pages

Love Styles
Ginnina Pleze
American Public University System

Instructor John Hetherington
February 14, 2015

Love Styles

 Using sociologist John Alan Lee's love styles (refer to pages 261- 263 of Intimate Relationships, and pay special attention to Table 8.7 'Styles of Loving' found on the top of page 262) from chapter eight of "Intimate Relationships", what is the predominant love style for most of the characters presented in the book, Confusing Love with Obsession.

Using John Alan Lee’s love styles as a reference it seems that the characters from, “Confusing Love with Obsession” mainly fall in the mania category when deciding what their style of ...view middle of the document...

Until the unthinkable happens and her husband goes on a trip and he did not invite her. In her mind there had to be something going on, well why else would her husband not want her to go all of a sudden? Although there was no proof of cheating she just figured that cheating was the reason behind him not asking her to go. Nancy goes crazy, going through his things in search of the truth, because she does not want to do anything that will push him away she just went looking for something that would validate her beliefs. The thing is any person that feels like something is going on in their relationship would be more likely to address it with their partner, and if the situation calls for an end to the relationship then so be it. However as Nancy goes through her husband’s things she finds out what she already knew to be true, but because she was obsessed she did not just trust her instincts it had to be proved to be true.
 What character if any did you identify with most from the book? This can be either yourself or someone you know.

I found that after reading chapter 4 the character that reminds me of someone that I know is the story that of Kate it reminds me of a couple of old friends (Kevin and Meka). They are not married and she is raising 3 kids. The two of them have firecracker anger streaks and when an argument happens they pull out the big guns cutting clothes, breaking anything that is breakable pretty much going crazy. I remember when we were still friends telling them that they needed to get help before things got physical not only between them but with the kids. I use to live in an abusive home where my mom was beaten and but she left; and I did not want her kids to go through that. They would tell me how much they hated one another but they would make up and act as if nothing ever happened. They would fight things would get broken and someone would get cut or hit, but because they desire to be loved they stay together and try to change only the things that they believed caused arguments. I found that I needed my space from them and the abusive behaviors that they demonstrated around me.
 Briefly outline the characteristics of the Obsessive Love Wheel at each stage of the wheel.

According to “Confusing Love with Obsession” here are four phases of Obsessive Relationship Progression (ORP) that are based on the way that people behave. John Moore the author of “Confusing Love with Obsession” created what...

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