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Love Song Essay

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“A Love Song for Ms. Lillian”: The Victimless Courtesan Critical Analysis
A victim can be defined as a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime; in the novel, Miss Lillian simply does not fit this description. The narrative focuses on the life of Miss Lillian, the town “courtesan”. Although her job title is not one that people adore, she has notable respect in the community. Women envy her because their husbands admire her beauty and sometimes use her services. Miss Lillian is a respected member of the Guyanese society despite her line of work. She has some misfortunes throughout her life, but in no way can be considered a victim. In the short story, A Love Song for Miss ...view middle of the document...

Just like any other famous person, Miss Lillian has people that glorify her occupation and others that shun her because of it. The admiration of Miss Lillian from the male citizens causes distress among the women. The vast amount of attention that she gains makes the wives question the status of their marriages. She fills the void in the men’s lives by providing them with aspects that they are not receiving from their wives. For instance, “His father had turned to Miss Lillian for passion; he, who had never known passion,” (McWatt, 174). Therefore, Miss Lillian was providing her clients with emotional and sexual stability. The women in the Guyanese community viewed Miss Lillian as a threat, causing her to have conflicts with the wives of her customers. On the contrary, men viewed her as an escape from their everyday lives, therefore, providing them with happiness.
The opposing, view Miss Lillian as a victim because people in the community didn’t appreciate her occupation. While trying to view Jeff Rose after the burial, his wife spit on Miss Lillian for simply paying her respects. Throughout her life she only experienced a few mishaps with the people in the community. For example in the short story, Miss Lillian was forced to pay higher amounts for products at the store. This...

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