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Love Of Respect Essay

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I was born to the parents of Robert and Rosemary Andrews. My parents divorced while I was young. I grew up not knowing my father until later on in my life. My mother worked constantly leaving me in the care of my grandparents and different babysitters. I was the type of child that needed constant attention, love and supervision. My earliest experience in being broken by love or a lack of love was when I was 10. One day I overheard my aunt talking to my grandmother. My aunt was saying the reason for my actions ...view middle of the document...

So since I was always alone by myself and not feeling wanted by my mother it made me resent her which resulted to me not respecting women. My grandfather once told me love is like a flower you have to nurture it. The first time I thought I experienced love from someone other than my grandparents or aunties was from a female name Jaela. Long story short lets just say it was a disastrous an painful experience and added more fuel to the fire. I had real disdain and trust issues when it came to women so, in my future relationships and marriages, they failed miserably. It wasn't until 2012 in the month of December where I met my date with destiny in regards to experiencing unconditional love. I got baptized and gave my whole heart to God and experienced love like I never knew before. The love God has given me and still is giving me has changed my out look on life and love. Since that cold day in December where Jesus made it possible for me to get out the grips of satan, I have repaired my relationship with my mother and have started a beautiful and meaningful relationship with a women who completes me. Due to God's love for me, it has shown me how to love.

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