Love Of Middle East Essay

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Chapter 2 – Personality and Learning

Personality – psychological traits influencing the way a person acts with their environment.

5 Factor model of personality (big 5)
1- Extraversion – extent of being outgoing vs shy – high more outgoing
2- Emotional stability/neuroticism – degree of emotional control – high stability, high self esteem
3- Agreeableness – extend of being approachable and friendly
4- conscientiousness – degree of responsibility and achievement oriented
5- openness to experience – how flexible and open to new ideas

Locus of control – wether behavior is controlled by internal or external factors
- internals – we control
- externals – other control

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Positive feedback – best ways to implement
1- send in positive manner
2- delivered immediately following performance
3- visually represented - graph, chart
4- specific to behavior being recognized

extinction – gradual losing behavior once reinforcer is gone

Increase effectiveness of punishment
1) make sure the chosen punishment is truly aversive – don’t perform – work overtime to make up
2) punish immediately
3) do not reward unwanted behavior
4) do not inadvertently punish desirable behavior

self regulation
1- collect self observation date – keep log and see if those add or not to perform
2- observe models – see who does well to have other imitate
3- set goals –
4- rehearse –
5- reinforce oneself – offer incentive to self to follow through with plan

behavior modeling training
1- describe to staff what we want them to learn
2- provide models displaying what we want them to learn
3- provide opportunities for staff to put elements into practice
4- provide feedback and social reinforcement for properly doing it
5- take steps to instill elements into job

Chapter 3 – Perception, Attribution & Diversity

Perception – process of interpreting a message
1 –a perceiver – past experiences influence perception
2 – situation – adds information about target
3- a target – interpreting the meaning of the target

Social identity theory – form perceptions of oneself

Primary effect – rely on early cues and first impressions

Recency effect – rely on recent cues and last impressions

Implicit personality traits – is one way must act this way

Projection – pass on our own thoughts and feelings to others

Attribution – causes/motives assigned to explain behavior

Dispositional attributions – personality affects behavior

Situational attributions – outside affects persons behavior

Consistency cues – how often person engages in behavior over time

Consensus cues – how my behavior compares to that of others

Perceived organizational support – comp cares about me

Organizational support theory – if comp cares about me I care about them

Chapter 4 – Values, Attitudes and Work Behavior

Hofstedes study (values)
1- power distance – people hold more power than others – how big is gap
2- uncertainty avoidance – how comfortable you are with a certain situation
3- masculinity/femininity – differentiating gender roles
4- individualism/collectivism – work alone or as a group
5- long term/short term orientation –


Ex – BELIEF = my job is interfering with me family life
VALUES – I dislike anything which hurts my family
ATTITUDE – I dislike my job
BEHAVIOR – I’ll find another job

Can flip it around to alter

Ex - BEHAVIOR - I need to keep my job
ATTITUDE – my job isn’t that bad
VALUE – I have to financially support my family
BELIEF – my job helps my family

Discrepancy theory – job satisfaction stems from what we want and...

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