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Love Matters Essay

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Lore Scheepmans 5E N° 13
Love matters
‘All you need is love’, The Beatles once said and I couldn’t agree more. Everybody needs love whether it’s from your parents, your friends or your girl/boyfriend. Love is all around and comes I different forms.
First of all I’m going to talk about my definition of love and what I look for in a relationship. I don’t want a serious relationship, I’m a teenager. I want someone who I can act like a complete fool around, I want someone who I can spend hours just talking about the most pointless things. I want someone who makes me laugh and who I can plan stupid things with that will never happen. Because I’m sick of seeing these movies with the girl falling in love with a perfect boy. Who wants perfect? I want adventure, I want someone I can tell my secrets too and waste my ...view middle of the document...

That has to be a comforting (or scary) thought but it’s not always the love of one person to another. Love comes in many forms, from ‘ I love to read’ to ‘ I love God’. When science finally recognized that love was worth investigating, a new problem came up, how do you measure love? ‘I love you as much as a hot chocolate on a winter night’ is hard to place in a table. Yet there came a lot of theories about the working of love and its different forms. The ‘triangular theory of love’ of Sternberg is till now the most effective theory.
And finally, the triangular theory of love. This theory states that relationships consist of three components: Passion, Intimacy and Commitment. Passion is like lust, a combination of attraction and sexual desire. Intimacy is a closeness sharing and bonding between people, sharing your thoughts and feelings. Commitment is the decision to remain with another person long-term, and commitment to keeping the relationship alive. With these 3 components we can make different types of relationships. For instance ‘infatuation’, it’s like ‘love at first sight’, there is a sexual desire, but little else. This type of love appears quickly and vanishes quickly too. Another type is ‘Empty love’, this is a commitment to be with the other person, even if the other types of love have faded or were never there. The final type of love, often seen as the ‘ideal’ type of love, is ‘consummate love’. You are intimate with the person, passionate with them and also strongly commit to them. Perhaps this is what is meant by ‘true love’.
To conclude, there are a lot of different forms of love. Love also has different meanings. Science also found that love was worth investigating, because of this we can conclude that love is very important for humanity. There is not one human being who can live without any form of love. If there was no love, there wouldn’t be life.

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