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Love Letter Essay

2355 words - 10 pages

I’ve kept this for so long… was too bashful then. Now lost times haunt me big
time (yet bashful still).

I’m not expecting a reply for this, no more. I mean, first of all, you hardly
know me and I’m not even sure if you still remember me. I just don’t wanna
deprive you of the due compliment. The fact that I’ve sent this, it already
paid it all actually. The sentiment, the time, and the other ones
indescribable, they were given justice at the instant. And so I thank you.

As I’ve mentioned in the letter, I hope this serves a thing of inspiration to
you (well, at the most). My only prayer is that this crap will hopefully make
you more feel good about yourself; even for just a little ...view middle of the document...

You can start freakin’ out now. Hihi.

You may not know but this almost went to Professor Dela Cruz’s hands (heard me
right). I was so desperate that time to give you this but the sem has already
ended a long time ago. And so I thought of giving this to her just to relieve
and somehow tell myself that at least someone knew of how I feel, wishing that
maybe, just maybe, she’d be moved by the things I’ve written and mail this over
to your place herself (the workings of frustration, I guess). She has our
addresses, I remember. Tsaka naisip ko rin na she’d be the next safest person
to tell of the crap who knows you and at the same time can relate to the things
I’m saying. Damn well right! That’s all I need… someone who will listen or read
this for that matter ‘coz it’s its end purpose after all, to be read. Or better
yet, someone who will simply understand. Siya naman kc ang nanggatong sa mga
bagay2 through her mushy literature. Buti na lang kamo hindi ko ibinigay sa
kanya. Just imagine the shame I might have put right upon my face. Pero if not
for those times, hmmn, I wouldn’t agree with what some books say about man’s
rationality. I mean, indeed, man is rational and will not put himself in an
embarrassing situation (thank goodness I’m a man). ‘Just couldn’t believe that
once in my life I’d been so “fairy-talish” as that, if there’s such a word.

Ikaw rin kc e, u don’t pay much attention to your innate splendor kaya ayun
others do it for you… like exactly what I did. Ang feeling ko nga, I’m not
alone with regards to this matter. Did I just join a club or what? You tell me.
Anyways, I’m proud to be one kneeling pathetic looking guy if that’s how people
[around you] see it (don’t get me wrong “man”, I don’t have muscles like
yours). Hindi ko nga rin alam kung it made me a victim or a winner. But either
way, I’m sure it would yield the same result on me just as it has since the

I dunno if I sound bolero in the letter or something. Might be the case that I
already sound as such right here pa lang. I totally dunno. But one thing I hold
so true… whenever I do some read-throughs of the crap I feel perfectly romantic
and mature. Somehow, it makes me get all reflective and introspective. ‘Seems
good and healthy to the heart though. Silly me (lol). Naah! Forget it. How I
wish I were just blabbing with all these. (great sigh). Oh well. Touch-move na

Am I getting on your nerves now? Jeez, I talk too much. Kindly understand;
nothing follows this, no more. Pasensya na po talaga. Cge, go ahead and see the
attachment… pls.

I hope, after going through the bloody crap, you will then be “STRONGER”
Enjoy the tide as much as you can. Don’t ever forget to smile.
And one last thing, always keep a penny or two inside your pocket. You never
know when you’ll be broke.
Carpe diem; nil despesrandum.


What in the world is this? – you might be asking. I, too, am not really...

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