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Love Is Never Silent Essay

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Deaf Event

For my American Sign Language class I needed to attend some type of Deaf event. The event I chose was the showing of Love is Never Silent on October 22nd from 6-8pm in Wiley Hall at the University of Minnesota. Love is Never Silent is a very touching and powerful television movie from 1985. This movie can help the hearing world get a look at what it is like to have family members that are Deaf. This movie was also probably an inspiration for Deaf people by how relatable it could be to their life. The movie follows Margaret, a child of Deaf parents, through childhood until she is a grown adult. During the stages of Margaret’s life depicted through the movie I learned new ...view middle of the document...

During the sewing machine commotion Margaret’s younger brother falls off of the apartment balcony and dies. It was extremely sad to see Margaret’s parents make her communicate with the coffin salesman. This is something a young child should not even be exposed to but Margaret is forced to buy her brothers coffin because her parents cannot do it on their own.
This entire movie offered a new perspective towards Deaf culture that we have not explored in detail in class. A lot of the Deaf culture we have learned about had to do with learning as a Deaf student or the history behind Deaf schooling. This movie showed me what it was like to be affected by Deafness without being Deaf yourself. Margaret had so many extra struggles in her life that may not have been an issue if her parents were hearing. For example, Margaret wanted to go buy a dress to wear for graduation just like all of her friends were doing. When Margaret told her mother that her friend’s father could give her a discount on a store bought dress her mother did not even consider it and told her no. Her mother insisted that they would not be beggers and that she would make her a dress. Since Margaret’s mother was unable to communicate without help from other people I think that she did not believe in accepting help from other people no matter what the help was for. Even though Margaret’s friend was being nice by offering her a discount the mother felt it was a handout because they felt bad for her. This showed how Margaret’s mother was very proud and taking care of herself and her family was very important to her.
Another way Margaret’s life was affected by her parents Deafness was in her ability to make and maintain friendships. Margaret’s main friend was an old man who owned a nearby shop. This is unusual for a teenager in high school. Margaret’s reason for not having friends over was because she was embarrassed by her Deaf parents. None of her friends knew her parents were Deaf until her graduation when it was discovered in an embarrassing way. Margaret’s friend tried to talk to her parents but they could not understand and when Margaret finally told her they were not responding because they were Deaf her friend said, “I’m so sorry” so obnoxiously that it created a huge scene with laughter and resulting in embarrassment for Margaret. Most people in hearing...

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