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Love Essay

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If I Could Turn Back Time
By: Tina Olinger

This a true story based on my life and experience’s I have had throughout the years, the good and bad times, the happy and sad. I was born on a cold Friday morn in December 1978 in a small town of Virginia. The first born into a world of unknown and a life like no other, my sister came along in August of 1980 and later we found out we had two step sisters from my dad’s previous marriage. They lived with their grandparents and we hardly got to see them except for the holidays and occasionally in the summer time. Now as were all adults it seems we have less and less time to get together, everyone is so busy and hardly have ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes if we didn’t go camping we would make a trip to Paducah, Kentucky to see one of my dad’s sisters and her family who still to this day have a big tobacco farm. It was really neat to see how it would grow and be harvested so it wasn’t just a visit it was educational as well. And sometimes if it wasn’t too hot we would get the chance to go out in the fields and help pick up tobacco or just sit and watch and learn the process. We never stayed more than a week and was sad to leave but we lived on a beef farm in Virginia that my dad worked for two brothers so we couldn’t stay away too long, plus we had animals to take care of as well. My dad worked there for 15 years and we lived on the farm in a three bedroom trailer. We had an old pear tree in the front yard that bared fruit each year and my mom would can it along with other things, when I was old enough I would help in the canning but until that time my sister and I would pick the fruit and bring it in, which was sometimes harder than you think because you had bees to fight off.
We all so raised a huge garden filled with green beans, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and a whole lot more. Mom and dad took care of the two pigs we raised and then slaughtered later on as well as the chickens. My sister and I took care of the cats and dogs as well as our own personal pets like hamster’s, white mouse, rabbits and a horse. A few times my dad would bring home a café for us to raise because its mother had no milk, died while giving birth or simply didn’t want the baby. So we had space for these animals and it was hard not to get attached to them, because unfortunately like with anything there was death so we had to learn life and death at early ages. One time we had a pig named Sally now my mom never liked the idea of naming them cause to her they were raised for food but my dad got to calling her Sally and it stuck with her until it was fall and time to be killed. My mother gave my dad the option of keeping her as a pet or do as they had agreed to and he said go on, so Sally was killed and my parents worked her up into sausage and tenderloin and such. My sister and I were never allowed to help because we were so young but we watched as they did what they had to do, I will never forget this time because my dad was using an old time hand crank for the sausage and every time he would turn the handle he would let out a sigh and sniff and say “poor Sally she was a good old pig”.
After that time the remaining pigs were never named because my mother would remind my dad of Sally. It was funny but sad all at the same time but that was the circle of life even now. We all so had a baby deer, two baby raccoons and some baby possums that I raised then handed over to the local wild life people. The deer’s mother had been killed by farming, the raccoon’s mother by human hand and the possum’s mother was killed by my dog. So I felt obligated to raise her baby’s even though it wasn’t my fault and the...

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