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Lost Of Innocence Essay

632 words - 3 pages

John Smith
ACME Corporation
123 Corporate Lane
Milford, CT 06461
March 2, 2007

Charles Jones
Fictiona, Inc.
456 Executive Drive
Anywhere, CT 06777

Dear Charles Jones:

As a long-time admirer of the outstanding work that your organization has done in the market, I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to see how your company functions from the inside. As you indicated during our meeting, your organization has grown to a point where it needs to dramatically enhance its accounting function so that it can continue to function effectively.
This correspondence outlines the complete scope of work you requested, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities, and ...view middle of the document...

software to bridge payment schedules for grants issued.
Write the bridge to receive (import) the information into the Model 60 software.
When the project is complete, our neighborhood group will have successfully converted to the Model 60 integrated accounting system. Benefits include timely, accurate accounting data, ease of data entry, and flexible reporting with a bridge to your gift and donor software.

Software costs and fee estimates are summarized on the attached schedule. These fees are effective provided (a) your accounting records are in good order, and (b) a staff member can devote full time to the implementation process. Fees will be adjusted to actual accordingly. We will not incur additional hours without written prior approval. Our fee does not include modifications to the Model 60 software.
Our terms are 45% deposit on software costs before we begin. The balance for software costs is due upon installation (actual loading of the software). Our professional fees are billed weekly.

We appreciate the opportunity to service your computer software needs. If you want to accept this proposal, please sign one copy and return it with a 45%...

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