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Loss Of Top Predators Is Humankind’s Most Pervasive Influence On Nature

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Loss of Top Predators is Humankind’s Most Pervasive Influence on Nature
Thesis: For thousands of years, nature and humans have coexisted in equilibrium. As human population increases and expands, it cases severe effects in every ecosystem. Evidence of human growth and urbanization can be seen through the impacts on virtually every ecosystem in planet earth, marine and terrestrial. Effects of, such as species decline, endangerment and extinction of enormous proportions. In most cases, driving some species to the edge of extinction. Possibly no species are more affected than the world’s large top predators. These animals are extremely important to the overall health and function of an ...view middle of the document...

The government needs to prohibit the trade and hunt of shark fins and meat.
bycatch Shark are the major predator in the sea; however they have no defense again the large drift nets laid down by fisherman in nearly every inch of the sea; consequently, this is the main cause for the decrease of sharks population. They get caught unintentionally in a fishery that is designated to catch other fish. Many fishing techniques and gear are not very selective and result in catching and discarding millions of tons of marine life that was not the target species. Marine predators are experiencing cataclysmic declines worldwide. This is almost entirely due to overfishing, but other factors also contribute. The demand for sharks in Asian markets is accelerating these declines in shark populations, and it remains largely uncertain just how severe the knock on effects will be.
Farmers experience high and unaffordable livestock losses every year . top predators kill their cattle and other livestock and believe shooting or poisoning the wildlife protects their herds. Livestock farmers who kill predators pose the biggest threat to these species’ survival in terrestrial ecosystems. predation could be blamed as a result of primary predation or secondary predation as a result of the natural vulnerability. Whatever the cause, it is abundantly clear that husbandry practices are the main determinant of the level of losses. It is in this sphere that the Landmark Foundation believes the solution lies. The "reported" problem of losses of sheep, goats and cattle to predators results in widespread unnecessary human-wildlife conflict and has been ongoing for centuries One farmer with Anatolian dogs reported that he now sleeps soundly at night enjoying the call of the jackal knowing his sheep are protected. He can count his losses on his hands including those lost to disease and bad mothering. His neighbour experiences up to 40 % losses and spends his nights still hunting jackal and caracal
(Not every predator is a "problem" predator. By allowing territorial animals to co-exist on farms where livestock is protected, predators establish territories essential for keeping a healthy eco-system. Predators predate on a number of small animals including rodents, snakes, guinea fowl, rabbits, spring hairs, porcupines and baboons amongst others. They keep these animal's populations genetically strong, healthy and balanced and will "control" their own numbers in stable social structures
.SAVE and our partners are finding ways to help farmers coexist with carnivores instead of killing them)
Human interaction loss of territory The expansion of humans has reduced dramatically the territory for large predator. Large predators require a large amount of territory. This can create problems for predators, especially when their ranges are fragmented by human intrusion, which is only increasing with population increase and new developments. (The decline of large predators at the top...

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