Lord Of The Flies: What Way Does Golding Present The Boys Build Up Savagery?

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What way does Golding present the boys build up to savagery?
The main build up to savagery in the book could be the choir.
The choir began as boys who accept the discipline of a choir school and
acknowledge Jack's position as head choir boy, The boys become hunters,
when Jack forces this role upon them. Then, as Jack releases his savage
instincts by creating his mask, they become savages. They used to wear
identical cloaks and caps, a uniform designed to promote their group
identity and hide individuality to make them all the same apart from
Jack who was shown to be the 'Leader'. Jack orders the choir to 'take off'
their 'togs' this symbolises the stripping away of civilisation. Now ...view middle of the document...

Jack is not the only boy to become sadistic when killing pigs; Ralph
too has an experience of killing a pig and enjoying it, in Chapter 7
'Shadows and Tall Trees'. Ralph is full of 'fright' and 'apprehension'
and 'pride' when he realises that his spear hit the pig. He enjoys the
respect he has won and feels that hunting is good after all. For a
moment Ralph shares some of the hunters' feelings. Ralph wants more
attention so he re-in acts the scene by using Robert as the pig. He
feels the desire to 'squeeze and hurt' this has been brought out by
the thrill of him killing the pig. Ralph gains respect when he spears
a pig, but not when he insists on the importance of living in a
civilised way while looking for rescue. I think this is because boys
generally enjoy adventure more than the subject of rescue that an
adult would normally deal with but in this case they have to deal with it.

In Chapter 7 Golding changes the language used considerably. Near the
beginning of the book he describes the islands wonderful features like
the beautiful lagoon, the 'palm fringed shore' and the 'warm dark
green beach pool'. However in this chapter he describes the other side
of the island, he uses harsh words like 'hard', 'clipped blue' and
'the brute obtuseness of the ocean'. The friendly side of the island
is expressed with words like 'defended', 'shield' and 'quiet'. There,
it was possible to dream of rescue. The contrasting language helps
express the difference of the different parts of the island,
kind of like one side is good and one is bad.

Chapter 8 is long and important because we
see how there is a very close connection between the boy's physical
appearance and their mental state. Jack's hunters are now painted,
anonymous savages. Their sticks are spears. These hunters once sang
in the choir, and now because of Jack's insistence, they talk in unison in
a frightening ritual made to enhance Jack's power and authority.
Later on Jack is shown even more like a primitive god,
throned on a log with a garland around his neck,
surrounded by offerings of food and drink. He gives orders which the
boys obey, and conveys warnings which they obey. This shows how Jack
dominates like a sort of king to them.

The killing of the pigs becomes more bloodthirsty, and has more to do
with violence than with the providing of food for everyone. The ritual of
chanting and dancing increases in savagery until it ends in
Simon's murder. Ralph and Piggy join in with the ritual, because they
feel a kind of security and the pressure to fit in now.
The boys stamp and...

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