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Order! Order!

There are many different views on social order in today’s society. The only manner of social order is always agreed upon is that is it considered necessary. William Golding plays this out brilliantly in his Lord of the Flies. The characters were either knowledgeable of social order or they were completely in denial. With these barriers, Ralph, Jack, and Simon struggle with leadership.
Ralph leads in the best way known to him and responsibly works. As the protagonist of the story, the boys appoint Ralph the leader of the democracy over the island. While most of the boys only want to have fun and avoid work, Ralph constantly attempts to build shelter and contemplate ways of being rescued. Ralph’s control over his group is strong at the beginning of the novel but as it leads on and the boys give in to their savage, animalistic, immoral ways, his power is decreased by Jack’s increased support of the littluns. Ralph’s dedication ...view middle of the document...

” (Robert Zend) Ralph responds tragically to the news of the evil within him, who then goes into despair. Even after being rescued, Ralph weeps over the knowledge of the capability of human’s evil and his failed attempt of controlling it.
Jack represents power hungry violence of the dictatorship throughout the entire novel. Being Ralph’s rival, Jack is angered by the fact that Ralph is appointed leader by unanimous vote. Being the leader of the choir boys gave Jack a big head. He thought that he must be the leader because of being better than everyone else, which he had basically been told. Jack becomes obsessed with killing, cutting “a pig’s throat to let the blood out”, while Ralph on the other hand, would not have anything to do with the hunting. (Page 31) The wilder Jack became seem to provide him with more power over the boys. The taunt was like a child stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, they know they should not do it but they do anyways. Jack loves the power he has obtained and the violence he is causing, but does not understand that they need to be in moderation or none at all. Jack learns how to use the littluns’ fears against them, calling them “[cowards] for running from the boar and the beast”, to manipulate them into giving him more power. (Page 126)To gain order, fear should never be used to control or discipline.
While Ralph and Jack battle for power, Simon does not want power in his adult like conduct. In Golding’s point of view, the boys’ dream of savagery should have been dominated by the civilization that should have been understood. Simon is the most moral of all the boys on the island. Simon acts morally even through all the pressure of the other boys giving into the beast. He treats all the boys kindly, even if they were enraged by the beast. “He helped that way” by staying calm and constantly trying to assist the boys. (Page 42) Simon did not have a sense of the boys’ evil so he acted the most orderly of them all. Simon dictates how the world does not have enough good to balance out the evil we have today.
With this being said, it is obvious that, even in a fictional story, social order is required for any other type of order to exist.

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