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Lord Of The Flies Human Allegory

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"Lord of the Flies":A Human Psyche AllegoryBy:Mookie SchnaperEnglish Period 4Mrs.DunlapApril 15,2013Mookie SchnaperMrs.DunlapEnglish15 April 2013"Lord of the Flies":A Human Psyche AllegoryIn Lord of the Flies William Golding uses allegories to illustrate the human psyche. Different characters are used to represent different parts of an individual's mental structure: the impulses of the Id, the rationality of the Ego, and the moral understanding of the Superego. Golding carefully describes each character's actions to coincide with each part of the psyche. Jack, Piggy, Simon, and Ralph are characters in the story that represent the psyche.According to Sigmun ...view middle of the document...

One instance being early in the novel when a boat appears on the horizon; Jack allows the fire to burn out while hunting; eliminating aspirations of rescue.Moreover, as Jack embodies the Id; Ralph represents the ego. Ralph epitomizes the reasoning among the group. Sine Ralph is the leader, it becomes his responsibility to keep order. The ego makes rational choices while satisfying the Id. For instance, Ralph's main task is to keep the order and control Jack and his impulses. Ralph delegates jobs: Jack and the choir become hunters and the rest will build the huts. For example, Ralph comes up with the idea the idea that who ever holds the conch gets to talk. Also, Ralph is the one who comes up with the idea to get the boys names. Golding writes,"...If a ship comes near the island...We must make a fire."(pg.35). This quote shows Ralph's rational thinking on how to get rescued. Ralph thinks of the sensible thing to do for instance, Golding states "What was the sensible thing to do?"(pg.196). Due to Ralph's rational thinking, he has been interpreted to manifest the ego.Furthermore, readers have drawn conclusions that Piggy represents the super ego, Piggy acts like the conscience for the group; for example, Golding inscribes "What's grown-ups goin' to think? Young Simon was murdered."(pg.157). This quote communicates how Piggy attempts to guilt the boys for the terrible crime they committed. Piggy comprehends moral values and tries to guilt Ralph for participating in the murder of Simon. Throughout the story Piggy constantly reminds Jack and Ralph about the priorities. He nags them incessantly about the fire, as well as; the importance of the conch and assemblies, the proper way to do a task, and how to act properly. Golding writes, "There was no Piggy to talk sense."(pg.196). This quote justifies how Piggy acts like the boys conscience.In addition to Piggy, Simon has also been interpreted to represent the super ego based on his actions...

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