Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Sharon Cheng
English 10
6th October, 2011

Human Nature at it’s Core
The novel Lord of the Flies written by English author William Golding, takes us on a journey of human nature, through a story about a group of courteous young boys, brought together by a plane crash during World War Two. Golding uses the changing and development of the boys, and the incidents that happen on the isolated island trapped from any guidance or communication with the world outside, to signify human nature at it’s core. Through this story, Golding has been successful at demonstrating how a society will differ when it is civilized compared to when it is savage, the brutality of human nature, and how ...view middle of the document...

Due to their survival instincts, civilization is immediately established by them early on in the novel. In the first chapter, when Piggy meets Ralph for the first time, they promptly begin organizing and taking control. “I expect we’ll want to know all their names, and make a list. We ought to have a meeting” (Ch. 1). This represents the sensible and responsible nature of the boys and how when they are in difficult situations, it is a latent ability for humans to solve problems by making plans and starting a governmental system.
The environmental influences are a crucial factor to what awakened the savage behavior of the boys. The mystical and undiscovered setting that Golding has chosen complements the symbol of the boys’ desire for adventure. As the author describes, “They had guessed before that this was an island: clambering among the pink rocks, with the sea on either side, and the crystal heights of air, they had known by some instinct that the sea lay on every side” (Ch. 1). The isolation of the island is a metaphorical symbol for the innocence of the boys. The unknown “Dark blue of the sea” (Ch. 1) and the “High jungle closed in. Tall trunks bore unexpected pale flowers all the way up to the dark canopy where life went on clamorously. The air here was dark too (Ch. 3). The setting forces the boys to slowly develop a wild personality, wanting to kill, hunt and “put on war-paint and be a savage” (Ch. 8). The environment promotes temptations of savage and uncivilized behavior. Therefore as the time passes by, although their survival instincts urge them to live an ordered and systematic lifestyle, the surroundings push the characters to behave in an primitive and untamed way.
In Lord of the Flies, Golding implores the reader to ponder about the natural brutality of human nature. In the novel, the author has relied on the hunting of pigs to portray how violence is an inborn trait in humans. When they first arrived on the island, Jack already wanted to go hunting and exploring. “The three boys rushed forward and Jack drew his knife again with a flourish. He raised his arm in the air” (Ch. 2). You can already tell from the plot that Jack is a very barbaric and ruthless character. He enjoys the satisfying feeling he gets when he “cut a pig’s throat to let the blood out” (Ch. 2). Golding uses clear characterization to show the difference between the characters and how they have different levels of brutality. As time goes by in the island, Jack and his choir become more accustomed to taking the innocent lives of pigs. They do not just kill for the sake of gaining meat, but have adapted to the habit of killing for the sake of enjoyment and amusement. The boys are extremely merciless which shows that they will do anything to reach their desired goals, even killing someone of their own kind.
The death of Simon and Piggy, and the attempted murder of Ralph is another allusion to symbolize the inhumane behavior of...

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