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Looks Essay

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Do Not Judge a Book by Its Cover Teenagers are often defined as inconsequential, gauche, exploitable and uncompassionate adolescents. Most of this recognition comes from our failure to take social risks and possess an open mind. We are all one student body, yet we are so separated in many aspects. Much of the segregation exists because we are unable to look past appearances. It is a prime social issue that is being neglected by the community. What gives designer clothes, thick lensed glasses, or different hairstyles the authority to determine if we are people who are worth knowing? These days, there is too much emphasis on looks. If everyone would take a brief moment to see ...view middle of the document...

It is important to remember that our harmony depends on our effort and ability to accept others in whatever form they come, even if they are different in ethnicity, religion, or appearance. All forms of acquiescence are self sacrilege. We are in a state of many changes, a chance to try new things, and to discover who we really are. One's struggle to be his own person inside and out is a task that calls for courage. Do not ridicule those who walk down the hall with mismatched socks pulled up to their knees, or those who wear bright, patterned clothing. They are expressing themselves and sharing their uniqueness. Some might protest that it is just a phase that all teenagers go through. Others might make excesses such as, it is strictly a problem of Newport Beach. The real question is, do we not have control of our actions? Or should discrimination, immaturity, and rapacity be diagnosed as a handicap? The means are not justifiable; and the inability to demarcate people is a weakness that must not be dismissed. The recognition of our Millar 3 rights, individual and collective, include the most basic obligation: respect for our peers. Next time, think about what is in a hairstyle, or what is in make-up. Sadly, they both have too much significance in our superficial and worldly expectations. ...

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