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Looking Towards The Future Essay

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Looking Towards the Future
Jeffrey A Peters
Ashford University: PSY 202

Looking Towards the Future
Looking onward into my personal, professional, and academic goals will enable me to plan for success; which will be outlined within this paper. Preparing for my degree program, I will outline and correlate the SMART goal objectives. Continuing with a positive attitude is beneficial, and vital for my personal success that will lead me to achieve my goals. I have positioned myself from the beginning, by enrolling and attending at Ashford University via an online platform.
SMART Goal Objectives
Planning on my future I need to define what, how, and where to accomplish my ...view middle of the document...


Accountability and Overcoming Diversity
In order to accomplish my goals enforcing accountability is a priority for my success. Setting my accountability with a sense of high guard will push me through the strength I need to overcoming any and all diversities preventing me from achieving my goals. Major diversity challenges that I need to have a clear understanding and become aware of my personal lifestyle, family, and my current environment of living. Challenges need to be identified and enforce a plan of action to overcome them in order for me to reach my life long success. By not having a clear understanding of these challenges will catch you off guard and will not allow you to prevail through them successfully.
Within my personal lifestyle I work full-time within the accounting field. This is a huge challenge for me because I am also attending school full-time. This can be a struggle from time to time because of the demanding expectations from both working and attending school. Family is important within the being that I am.
However, this can be overwhelming because of my fast pace schedule and what consumes my time day to day. Currently, this has become much harder for me living for the first time out of state. On some days I do not allow my self-thoughts consume me, but then again, at the end of the day family is where you stemmed from. Memories from your family can never fade or be stored away whether you choose to accept or deny them. My current living environment can be volatile at times creating stress and uncertainty. It has been from my experience, that when your immediate environment acknowledges your success that is become transparent they will force roadblocks. This places unplanned challenges and if prevailed will bring your dreams to a halt.
Ongoing scheduling is a requirement for success to become a white collar career achiever. In an example, I have positioned myself with a steady and consistence work schedule, which allows me to work and attend school full-time. I have also chosen an online college environment that allows me to be flexible and interchange form work to school and vice versa. However, choosing an online college platform can have many challenges. For example, this platform has a face paced work requirement that is ongoing and uninterrupted. In a traditional classroom setting you may encounter a delay in start time or even the class becoming canceled due to certain variables. Within the online setting delays are almost non-existent. In the event that you have inclement weather and a power outage occurs, you...

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