Looking Toward The Future Essay

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Looking Towards The Future
This paper will describe the personal, professional, and academic goals relating to my degree plan and how the SMART goals apply to each goal. I will also explain my accountability plan to overcome challenges and predict future success from my past positive experiences and personality after completing online degree. Taking online courses through Ashford University will help me to achieve my goals in life and create future success for myself.
My Goals and SMART Goal Process
After asking myself what personal goal I wanted to achieve in life, I decided that I wanted to be financially stable. It’s very important for me to be financially comfortable so I can ...view middle of the document...

My accountability plan will include setting and completing task that will help me achieve the goals I have set for myself. My family and military career will be two obstacles that I need to overcome in order to succeed.
My family plays a huge part in my success when going to school. I know I have their full support for going to school to complete my degree. My wife will spend time with me studying and helping me complete the task necessary to succeed in online learning. Included in my plan will be spending quality time with my wife while going to school and being able to balance the two. With out the help and support of my wife and family members, I would have never gone back to school to complete my degree. So setting aside time in my daily schedule is the least I can do to show my support.
My military career is the second obstacle I will need to overcome to complete my degree. I am very fortunate to work in a job that allows me to keep my work at work, instead of bringing it home to complete. Deployments are definitely an obstacle when it comes to completing school. You have some locations that have consistent internet access, so it is easy to accomplish task related to school. Other locations are very inconsistent when it comes to having access to the internet. One way to get around his obstacle would to complete school task when internet access is available. At this time you could get ahead in your task, so there would be no issues turning in those assignments.

Creating a schedule allows me to set aside time for the matters that are of more importance. By sticking with a set schedule, I can control my time and attitude in school and my career. When doing anything dealing with school I always stay organized and focused to stay on task. I set aside 30 minutes every day for school related task, so I don’t fall behind on any assignments. This allows me to stay ahead in school and correct task that need to be corrected. By creating a schedule and sticking to that schedule, I am able to achieve personal, academic and professional success.
Predict Success and Personality Traits
Predicting success for me will rely on how well I am able to stay accountable and focused on the goals tasked. I am a very driven and focused individual, so my future success is very realistic to me. My past positive experiences have given me the skills necessary to complete my goals in...

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