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"Looking For Alibrandi" By Melina Marchetta

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Lucy Nguyen 9MAM
Looking For Alibrandi'Josie journey of discovery is sometimes painful but, in the long run, all her experiences contribute to a sense of fulfillment'. Discuss with detailed reference to the text.Josephine Alibrandi at the age of seventeen is at her final year of her high school life in St Martha's, at a turning point in her life, a year where she discovers much more about her family, her friends and herself. Trying to cope with her Italian origin and illegitimacy is her biggest obstacle; to overcome it she needs to look for an answer that will change her forever. Through these experiences she undergoes many challenges that will lead her to an understanding and to a point ...view middle of the document...

Josie's father has very little impact on her life. When her father did arrive back in Sydney, Josie becomes angry of the thought that he is here. This kind of behavior is understandable considering the circumstance, but her anger does not only make her any wiser, but experiences the changes. Josie had to grow up knowing that her father had abandoned her and her mother, pushing Christina into being a single parent bringing up her child alone. Of this Christina and Josie were outcasts of the Italian community. When her father came to accept the fact that Christina never told him, he starts to bond with Josie. Even though Josie rebels against him, she eventually begins to grow closer to him. This relationship begins to bond even deeper when Josie needed her dad's help when she broke Ivy's nose. Of this situation, it has allowed for some trust to begin between them, making their relationship stronger and giving them a new start that they weren't able to have before.Josie is still struggling to find her way in life as she desperately tries to break herself free from the Italian way of life hoping to find her answer there, however that would destroy something part of her if she does not learn to accept herself, it isn't her that 'society wouldn't allow her' to be accepted, it is her who has decided that society will never allow her into the world, but that all changes when the news of John Barton's death occurs, made a major impact on Josie's life that she had no control over. According to Josie he is "the love of her life". At first she is devastated and unable to understand why someone who never had any problems would commit suicide. But after calming down from the shock of John's death, Josie is able to see beyond her confusing emotions, by realizing that wealth and social status doesn't always mean happiness. She's learnt how he was...

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