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Look Me In The Eye Essay

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1.) In the memoir, look me in the eye: my life with asperger’s, by John Elder Robison there are several points that seem to be significant in the development of his interpersonal self regulation. Identify one of these time points (please use page numbers) and explain how you think this is an example of a shift in interpersonal self regulation. (10 points)
Throughout his memoir, Robison recounts upon his inability to communicate socially and his desire for fluid interpersonal skills. He notices that people who are extroverts and are socially capable often “go far in life because interpersonal skill is one of the most important predictors of success” (207). As he grows and becomes more ...view middle of the document...

Please provide the page number from the text. Do you think Robison’s skill in re-appraisal changes over the course of the text? Support your answer with evidence from the text. (10 points)
Examples of Robison’s use of re-appraisal are evident in chapter 9, I Drop Out of High School. In this chapter, Robison does a lot of critical thinking because parts of his life, primarily family life and academics, are falling apart. He goes through various decision-making processes and uses re-appraisal techniques to guide the decisions. He has to make heads or tails of his parents, who are each crazy, and decide which one of them is right in their assumptions about the other one. He actually grew to doubt his mother’s predictions that his father would kill his family (86). He “lurched” from one parent to another because his judgments were constantly being reorganized by their crazy actions. “It seemed like everyone told [him] a different story” (87). Here he is constantly re-appraising his family life and his role in the family. He also uses re-appraisal techniques when decides to drop out of school and leave home. When offered a diploma after passing his GED test in the 96 percentile, Robison decides he doesn’t need a diploma, “and [he] never looked back” (90).
3.) In the chapter Interpersonal Functioning Requires Self Regulation (Chapter 20) Handbook of Self Regulation: Research Theory and Applications the authors describe three areas of interpersonal functioning. These are...

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