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Longcloud Develop Its Website In Languages Other Than English

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Appendix 13

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A13.1 Exercise Multicultural class
Look at the person seated next to you in class, or anyone with whom you have frequent interaction. Then select somebody originating from a foreign culture. List three examples of non-verbal communication that she or he uses, describe them accurately and decode their meaning. Now ask this person to look at you and do the same. Then work together and compare both interpretations and try to understand why meaning was shared or, possibly, not shared. (This exercise can be implemented only with a good degree of cultural diversity within the student group.)

A13.2 Exercise I ‘love’ cake
Start from the English verb ‘to ...view middle of the document...

Accelerated global growth for Longcloud was now imperative, to recoup costs of the recent acquisition of new lands, 42 per cent more stock, and an updated processing plant with EU and USDA certification and Halal capability. Given that the company managed current wholesale customers in export markets using an e-commerce platform, it seemed obvious that a better website was the answer. In addition, the latest processing and shipping technology made it possible to send chilled cuts to smaller export customers on an individual basis. Most New Zealand exporters were beefing up their sites too, although Canadian-born Sarah had been surprised that most were English-only. Longcloud aimed to capture certain European markets for organic chilled lamb and goat products, as well as niche markets around the world, such as organic restaurants, schools, and religious and non-profit organizations. The lamb meat cuts market was global, and interest in organic meats was a growing phenomenon. First in interest for organic lamb was the European Union, primarily Britain, France and Germany, followed by the USA. Then, there were smaller markets throughout North Africa, the Middle East and India, many with a particular interest in Longcloud’s Halal capacity. There was a growing interest for organic goat meat in fragmented Latin American markets, also. ‘Because we must differentiate ourselves from mainstream chilled lamb producers, we need to demonstrate our difference in our communications materials. What better way than to talk to customers and prospects in their own language?’ Sarah would argue later that day in the meeting. Her colleagues then made a chorus of objections, such as: ‘The fact that Longcloud is organic is difference enough, we don’t need to bother with languages’, and: ‘Translating is so costly, can’t we just put one of those Altavista Babelfish translation icons on each page? How are you going to decide which languages to use anyways?’ Jumping into the fray, general manager Linden Carmody stated, ‘Fine, so we publish our multilingual site, but all we can speak is bad French . . . so what happens to our customer relationship beyond on-site ordering and payments? Right, and what about e-mails, how will we understand and answer them?’ Each one had a point, Sarah conceded, however it was well established that customers appreciated the ease of conducting business in their own languages, at least for most of the transactions. Especially if Longcloud was to be dealing with niche markets, she opined, a more personalized approach would be necessary. She believed that was the case even if just two other languages were used, such as French for the ten or more countries that speak the language and seek organic lamb, and Arabic for countries with a Halal market and some organic sensitivities. With potentially wider and more diverse business contacts around the world, Sarah argued further, Longcloud’s medium-term goal to grow its own tanned organic lambskin and...

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