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Long Term Care Essay

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Continuum of Care- Long-term Care
Long-term care has and is continuing to become an important part of the continuum of care. Years ago Long-term care (LTC) was considered only to be for the elderly, but as time passes it is for anybody and everybody who needs it. Barton (2006) stated, “Regardless of the length of time (i.e., from weeks to years), long-term care is an array of services provided in a range of settings to individuals who have lost some capacity for independence due to injury, chronic illness, or condition” (p. 367). According to Barton (2006), it states that the services long-term care provides help the consumer with basic needs and shows the individuals how to do daily living ...view middle of the document...

First, the baby boomer population has a huge impact and according to Barton (2006); people who are in the age group of 85 or older are the fastest growing population. Second, because technologies are advancing in the medical field people are living longer, and because of that, depending on the situation the services of long-term care may vary from a short amount of time to a long period of time (Barton, 2006). Third, because of the medical advances people who have certain ailments and can live with them as long as they have long-term care also affects the demand and makes it higher.
Long-term care has many different parts to it; there are the providers for long-term care that can be broken down from informal LTC providers to formal LTC providers and also the types of places or facilities that long-term care offers. They have home health care, home and community based services, nursing home care, veterans nursing homes, and places for the mentally frail. All these facilities are focused to help the individuals and make them feel comfortable in the environment that they are in and used to. Informal long-term care providers are family members, usually, people who know the person in need of the care and perform the care at the home of either the individual in need or their own home. This is a concern for long-term care because these are the same people who also become stressed out and compromise their own health, which may decrease the amount of informal caregivers. The formal caregivers are trained individuals those who get paid, and most are usually non clinical. They come and administer shots and drug treatments, or perform therapeutic services. They will travel to all settings no matter where the patient is.
Long-term care can be based in the individuals’ home, it may be financially feasible for the individual, and it may also be where they are more comfortable with receiving long-term care. These home health care services can include a formal provider coming to the home and checking for blood pressure, or if they had surgery and needed to get their wounds checked out, and administering shots. Nursing homes provide assisted living for individuals on a residential basis and this is not just for the older population but for all ages. Veterans are also entitled to long-term care and have their own nursing homes that provide them with the care they need. With the rising number of mentally frail individuals they can receive long-term care services in a setting more accommodating to them. There are still services that focus primarily on the each individual group separately.
For these individuals to be put in long-term care facilities or receive treatments they have to be diagnosed by a doctor first. This can raise some issues, The Raphael (2003) website states transitions from one setting to another are not smooth and because of the competition between providers. This has to a lot to do with how they get paid and what is covered, and that has...

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