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Loneliness In Our Society Today Essay

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Erica Garmendez
Research Paper
Loneliness in our Society Today
The study of Sociology covers everything that deals with human behavior, including loneliness. Some people experience loneliness in different aspects. Some of these people can be in a crowd full of people and still feel alone. There are other people that can literally be alone, but not feel like they are. This feeling of loneliness affects how people interact with each other and their behavior. I will be researching how the feeling of loneliness drives people to use the internet more often within a group of 10 people. I will focus primarily on social media usage, such as Facebook. I predict that the more social media an ...view middle of the document...

Let take for example social media, the more somebody is on the internet on sites such as Facebook could in fact make them feel even lonelier.
A researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Robert Kraut, found that the more people used the Web, the lonelier they felt and even more depressed. After going online people sense of happiness and social connectedness decreased. Over a period of one to two years, depending on how often they used the Internet they would feel their sense of loneliness increase. This study was done back in 1988, which still continues to seem to cause an issue in our time.
A study done in 2010 at the University of Michigan showed that social media makes people feel lonelier instead of making them feel more connected. The study basically shows that increased feelings of loneliness seem to be connected with the way people use social media, specifically Facebook. This relates directly with how Facebook or social media is used because all usage isn’t negative. When people actually converse or post pictures on these sites, “feelings of well-being and sociability increase”, according to a study done by the University.
People who tend to feel lonelier weren’t inherently more likely to go online, either; a study done concluded that “users of Facebook do not differ in most personality traits from nonusers of Facebook.” But, if they did use the Internet it seemed to make them feel more isolated. In 2010 a study found the Internet use had a small, significant detrimental effect on overall health and well-being. Facebook could even cause problems in relationships if the significant other seems to spend a lot of time on the internet because it could cause feelings of jealousy. It all depends how Facebook, or other social media, is used that could contribute to this feeling of loneliness.
Facebook could also make others feel lonelier by seeing how other people live. Some people are constantly posting up pictures with friends at cookouts, sporting events, concerts, etc. While other people may not be as social and seeing these pictures would be a reminder, in turn making them feel more alone. The truth of the matter is people only highlight the best part of their lives on Facebook, making it seem like they may live this perfect life. Men and female could both be affected with this false reality. Women could see a happy couple and wish she was in a loving relationship. Males could see their male friends out with a bunch of females and wish to be single or a bachelor. All these factors would increase somebody sense of loneliness if their life doesn’t compare to what they are seeing on Facebook.
In a group of 10 people, half were married while the other half was single, all varying in age and gender. I administered the UCLA loneliness test. The UCLA Loneliness Scale assesses feelings of social isolation or loneliness in individuals. They were asked 10 simple questions which they had to rate as  ”O” often, “S” sometimes, “R” rarely,...

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