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London Culture Essay

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Culture of London
London is a large international and diverse cultural centre, with art and music present throughout the city. It is home to numerous museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas which offer first class entertainment all week long. More than 300 nationalities contribute to the diversity and liveliness of London's cultural events. Be sure to make the most of your experience of the English capital and take advantage of what this city has to offer.

The diversity of London begins with its architecture. The city features an abundance of historic buildings, but at the same time keeps up with the latest trends in modern structures. However, most tourists are more interested in ...view middle of the document...

Most of these churches, especially St Paul’s Cathedral, which was Wren's masterpiece, were built in the English Baroque style with the characteristic intricate ornamentation and curved lines. In the early 19th Century, English Baroque was replaced by the Regency style which left its trace on many a building throughout central London. Although new styles kept appearing, the old ones weren't entirely forgotten. Gothic architecture, for example, saw its revival with the construction of the Houses of Parliament. London is a large international and diverse cultural centre, with art and music present throughout the city. It is home to numerous museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas which offer first class entertainment all week long. More than 300 nationalities contribute to the diversity and liveliness of London's cultural events. Be sure to make the most of your experience of the English capital and take advantage of what this city has to offer. Tourists who are also book fans might be curious to know that London has been an important centre of literature, both as a setting for many plots and as the home to many famous writers. Londoner, Charles Dickens, wrote novels that painted a foggy and grim picture of the city which has had a major influence on how it was perceived by the people of the early Victorian period. Also, William Shakespeare, the most renowned British writer, and Ben Jonson, one of his contemporaries and a fellow playwright, spent most...

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