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Logistics Ups Essay

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Denise M. Capalbo
Denise M. Capalbo

The hearts demonstrate our passion for our work and our customers’ passion for their businesses
The We ♥ Logistics communications platform features 11 hearts – one universal and 10 illustrative. Each heart helps us tell the story of how UPS is logistics.
The universal heart represents everything we do, while the illustrative hearts further educate customers and potential customers on how they can harness the power of logistics.
Universal Heart
represents all that we do and that all we do is logistics. The arrow shows that we have purpose, while the heart that it forms ...view middle of the document...

Saves Time
Represents that logistics reduces inefficiencies to save time. And time equals money.    
Demonstrates that logistics means speeding goods to market. Through UPS’s extensive global reach, we have the resources required to enable our customers to meet the time demands of their customers.    
Shows how through logistics, technology knows right where everything goes. Not only does UPS have advanced technology that supports customers businesses, but we have deep insights to support the hi-tech industry as well.
Values: Our Enduring Beliefs
Integrity—it is the core of who we are and all we do.
Teamwork—determined people working together can accomplish anything.
Service—serving the needs of our customers and communities is central to our success.
Quality and Efficiency—we remain constructively dissatisfied in our pursuit of excellence.
Safety—the well-being of our people, business partners, and the public is of utmost importance.
Sustainability—Long-term prosperity requires our continued commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
Innovation—Creativity and change are essential to growth.
Mission: What We Seek to Achieve
Grow our global business by serving the logistics needs of customers, offering excellence and value in all that we do.
Maintain a financially strong company—with broad employee ownership—that provides a long-term competitive return to our shareowners.
Inspire our people and business partners to do their best, offering opportunities for personal development and success.
Lead by example as a responsible, caring, and sustainable company making a difference in the communities we serve.
UPS Enterprise Strategy
Create Value, Transform, and Invest to Grow
Create value for customers using our superior portfolio of logistics capabilities
demonstrate how the power of logistics can create a competitive advantage for our customers.
Offer products and services that expand our customers’ access to global markets.
Configure our broad portfolio of solutions for targeted industries.
Offer industry-leading technology that simplifies and improves our customers’ business processes.
In 1919, UPS selected a color similar to Pullman brown — the color of the Pullman railroad car. At the time, Pullman was a symbol of style, elegance, and first-class travel. The color provided UPS vehicles with conservative attractiveness and gave the fleet a dignified, businesslike appearance. In 1923, UPS adopted brown for the drivers’ uniforms as well.
Today, UPS brown is identified with high-quality service. Early attempts to be inconspicuous have had just the opposite effect, as UPS brown is recognized worldwide.
Our brand is the promise we make to our customers. And, customers see that promise every day — in our actions, in our service, and in all of our new capabilities. We have to be able to serve our customers day in and...

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