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Logistics Essay

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Traffic network is always a special role in the economy of any country in the world. Observing any traffic system can give a panoramic view of a country’s economy as well as its development level. Similar to the traffic network concept, logistics industry level could give a judge to the development of manufacturing and servicing industries.
Logistics as a business concept evolved only in the 1950s and now is familiar to the world but still something new to Vietnamese people. As the open policy enactment of Vietnamese government, the economy of itself has made an impressive rising. Then the boom of import – export was the sequence and the balance transportation problem is the challenge ...view middle of the document...

The Oxford English dictionary defines logistics as: “The branch of military science having to do with procuring, maintaining and transporting material, personnel and facilities.” Another dictionary definition is: "The time-related positioning of resources." As such, logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering which creates "people systems" rather than “machine systems."
Logistics is the optimization process of transporting position and time and resource reserves from the beginning point of the supply chain to the end users through many economical activities. (Vân, 2006)
As intelligence from Hồ Chí Minh City Department of Planning and Investment showed that there was one forwarding and logistics firm was licensed or supplement logistics feature a week, in average. From just a few state owned companies in the field at the early of 90’s, the number has grown over 600 recent years and spread through the country. The jump was the result of amending act of enterprise law at the date January 1st 2000 that took off many barriers of establishing and registration progress of an enterprise. Free from standard conditions of capital, equipment, infrastructure and even criterion operation plus the high rate of profit margin and earning yield (about 18 – 20%), the number of companies were expected to overcome the rest in ASEAN in the future. (
In 2005, gross export value of Vietnam reached 73 billion USD. Logistics volume of trade will reach 30 billion USD if consider the weighting amount of logistics service in import – export value – about 15% in average, as the forecast of Lương Văn Tự, deputy minister of department of Commerce. In the next ten years, the export value of Vietnam is expected to reach 200 billion USD/year in average – expressing the high potential of Vietnam logistics service. (Tý, 2007)
As seen from above the high potential of the industry in Vietnam, the fully accurate translation of the term is necessary to make it to be popular and ready for teaching and learning.
The definition of the word has been, for long time, a major problem for linguistic theory because of the term. Bauer explains: “Despite “word” is defined; there are some items in some languages which speakers of those languages call “words” but which are not covered by the definition. What the native speakers feel to be a word differs radically from language to language. Therefore whatever a word is, it is not the same thing in all languages and so the definition is not valid in all languages except “word is what native speakers think a word is”. Such a definition would not be of any use in linguistic analysis”. (Bauer, 1983)
And there is how Vietnamese defined the term “logistics”.
The English – Vietnamese dictionary by National Center of Social Science and Human Culture, Linguistic Institute which was based on the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English dictionary which was published in 1992 defined...

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