Logical Fallacies Essay

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Logical Fallacies
Fallacies are all around us. We see fallacies on the television, newspapers, and radio. People around the world experience logical fallacies on almost a daily basis. A fallacy is defined as “errors or flaws in reasoning” (Axelrod and Cooper 620).Fallacies used in advertisements are; band wagon, begging the question, confusing chronology with casualty, either-or reasoning, equivocating, failing to accept the burden of proof, false analogy, hasty generalization, overreliance on authority, oversimplifying, personal attack, red herring, slanting, slippery slope, sob story, straw man. I have gathered four advertisements that have fallacies. The fallacies are slippery ...view middle of the document...

It has Jennifer Aniston as the model for an Aveeno product. This product is an active natural’s daily moisturizer lotion. It claims to be clinically proven to relieve dry skin. Also, that healthy and beautiful skin begins with oat. In fact, it’s the natural ingredient most recommended by Dermatologist to improve the health of dry skin. Aveeno shows pictures of before, and after results of using the moisturizer. The Aveeno moisturizer claims that the active natural’s oat formula is proven to seal in moisture for healthier skin everyday. On the contrary, the advertiser does not let people know the name of the Dermatologist who said, this lotion improves the health of dry skin. Overreliance on authority is a common fallacy used by advertisers, and I will go over another advertisement with overreliance on authority fallacy.
My next advertisement fallacy is also on overreliance on authority. The advertisement is a Neutrogena cleanser. The advertisement claims to clean more effectively than another product named Cetaphil. Neutrogena claims to remove ninety nine percent of dirt, oil, and make up. Your skin will feel refreshingly clean and soft. Neutrogena is supposedly so gentle; Dermatologist recommended it for sensitive skin. This advertisement gives no names of dermatologists who recommend it. They repeat twice that it’s clinically proven to be the most gentle. Neutrogena claims this cleanser was developed by Dermatologist. On the contrary, Neutrogena does not name the Dermatologist who supposedly developed this cleanser, because Dermatologist probably didn’t even develop the cleanser. An overreliance on authority fallacy can be in magazines, and also a hasty generalization.
Hasty generalization is defined as offering only...

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