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Loch Ness Essay

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Plesiosaurs or just a big fish?
Over time, we have been provided with mysteries that we just can’t solve. We have the most advanced technologies and the smartest individuals working with them, but there isn’t any way to come up with the solid factual evidence needed to give an answer. The particular mystery I have chosen has a museum dedicated to it. I am talking about the Lock Ness Monster. With all of the evidence available to me, I make the point that this may not be a dinosaur like creature but just a very large fish or group of fish.
Loch Ness in Scotland was formed about ten thousand years ago at the end of the last great ice age. It is fed by forty plus small rivers, and keeps ...view middle of the document...

Nessie has been reported both on land and water (Legend of Nessie). The most common description of the Loch Ness monster is similar to that of a plesiosaur. The plesiosaur was one of the largest aquatic animals to ever live. It lived through the cretaceous period, going extinct about 65 million years ago. The plesiosaur had four large flippers on its sides with a very long neck. This animal fed on fish and crustaceans (Plesiosaurus). Many sightings of the Loch Ness monster fit this description, but there has never been any images of this captured only what was reported by the witness. Many fossils of this creature have been found around the coast of England which leads people to believe that Nessie is a descendant of this creature. This would be possible except for the fact that the plesiosaur was an air breather. If Nessie was a plesiosaur it would be an air breather. Meaning it would be able to be seen and photographed all the time as it comes to the surface to breathe.
This brings me to my thesis of this creature. The only recorded photographs of the creature that haven’t been proved false are that of single humped creature. No head or flippers, just what appears to be a dorsal hump. This leads me to believe that it is not a creature with a very long neck and flippers, but rather a fish. The loch ness is home to 6 main species of fish. It is home to, Salmon, Trout, Sea Trout, Eel, and Char (Legend of Nessie). Which those fish can all grow to a rather large size, but not the size of Nessie. The sixth species of fish that lives in the Loch is able to reach that size. This is the Sturgeon. There are many different types of Sturgeon found all over the world. The Red List of Threatened Species states that the Sturgeon was commercially fished until 2007 when it was placed on the threatened species list.
The Loch is home to the Atlantic Sturgeon. This is a species that according to Brian Richardson and “The Maryland Fish Facts” has been around for 120 million years. The Sturgeon first appeared on the scene after the Cretaceous period and our friend the plesiosaur went extinct.
The Atlantic Sturgeon can reach an average size of five to six feet, depending on the sex of the animal. The females are generally larger. Five to Six feet is a very large fish, those generally weigh one to two hundred pounds. It would make a great story for any fisherman. The Sturgeon needed to be mistaken for Nessie would have to be larger than that. But that’s the great thing about the Sturgeon. They get bigger than that. The world’s largest Sturgeon was an Atlantic Sturgeon, which was caught in Canada. It was 14 feet in length and weighed a stout 811 pounds. Now you may be thinking, that’s just one fish lucky enough to get that big. But you would be wrong. There are many Sturgeons that have reached 12 to 13 feet long and around that weight. With the average life span of the Sturgeon being 60 plus...

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