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Locating Topics Of Interest Essay

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Learner: Terry L Green


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B., Luders, M., & Havard, J. (2010). Too many Facebook friends? Content sharing and sociability versus the need for privacy in social network sites []. Skjetne International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 26(11-12).
The authors of this article focus on the two most important criteria for the success of social network sites (SNS), those factors are content sharing and sociability. These two factors affect privacy expectation and the associated usage of the social network. To obtain the required information, the authors employ in-depth interviews and usability tests comparing the usage and privacy attitudes of younger and older Facebook users. The interviews and surveys conducted revealed that Facebook users in all age groups reported more contact with many specific groups of people mainly family, friends and acquaintances without regard to privacy concerns. The specific consequence of having too many Facebook “friends” introduces is the threat of social surveillance and social control. As one would expect, the authors found different motivations and usage patterns when comparing older and younger users. The readers of this article may take issue with the central premise that younger users are less concerned with privacy that their older counterparts although, the authors make a very solid case for this premise.
The Negative Effects of Social Media and the Challenges it creates in Information Technology
Fichman, R. G. (2000). The diffusion and assimilation of information technology innovations [Journal]. Framing the domains of IT management: Projecting the future through the past, 105-128.
The latter 20th century arguably referred to as the information age, although also issued in the era of the innovation age. This article presents the advent of social networking as one of the factors faced by IT managers in the area of innovation. A central theme of the writing is that organizations that choose ignore new technologies such as the social networking trends, risk a slide into losing its competitive edge and brings about its own peril. This article presents interesting information on the adoption of technology and the boundaries that must be in place to ensure the orderly adoption of technology. The information that this article presents is useful to understand the role of technology and the methodology necessary to ensure its adoption. The author believes that organizations may exhibit a desire to innovate over time, but may still lag in the adoption of innovations that do not fit well with organizational culture, needs and strategy.
The effects of the Information Technology Revolution Influences People, Process and Strategy
Porter, M. E., & Millar, V. E. (1985). How information gives you competitive advantage [Issue brief]. : Author.
This article provides the reader with useful information towards analyzing the framework of strategic significance of new information technology systems. The authors present in a compelling...

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