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Local Related Literatures And Studies Of Grading System 

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Chapter 2

This chapter presents a survey of related literature and studies conducted that will help the researchers in undertaking the study. Here, the researchers relates to the previous studies that are discussed further to give the author more idea in pursuing the study. The thorough review of literature is required to provide deeper insights in formulating conceptual framework, selection and application of methods of research with the end in view of formulating generalization or principles, which the researchers could contribute to the fund of knowledge.
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Business people who successfully apply computers are not primarily interested in computer. They are not concerned with their need for information and how to build a computer based information system. To meets those needs. A businessperson who does not have basic understanding of the tools and techniques for determining his/her information needs and how to transform this need into computer software will never apply computer successfully. Business people are interested in how to put the computers to work, how to build and use Information System.”
Interests in information system has increased during recent years not only in the world of business but also in all areas were resources are managed. Computer based information system are in most businesses today and computers are found in many houses. In fact, many firms even small ones businesses are applying computer based information system to gain advantages over their competitors. An information system provides information for making decision.
In the book entitled “Computer Programming in Basic with Business Application”, George Ten Chou cited that,
“Electronic Computers are originally developed to provide a computational tool to help perform, time consuming, tedious task and calculations are important tools in problem solving and decision making. As they become increasingly abundant and readily available, the ability to use a compiler properly also becomes a vital skill in our society. This in turn requires familiarization with computer system and the acknowledgement in programming.”
Many people today have some understanding of computers purpose. A computer helps people balance the work in terms of computing grades. If you want to begin programming you have probably used a computer for some time. Nevertheless, as a future programmer perhaps you should review some fundamental computing concepts before mastering the ins and outs of a new computer language.
Larry and Nancy Long n the book entitled “Introduction to Computer and Information System”, stated that;
“We talk to computer within a framework of a particular Programming Language. There are many programming language, most of which have highly structured sets of rules. The selection of programming language depends on who is involved. And the nature of the conversation. Each programming language has an instructions set with several instructions in each of the following instructions classification input-output, computations, control, assignment and formal instructions.
Program Development is the important part after defining the computer and programming language to use. It includes the actual programming, debugging, testing, and implementation.
According to Awad, Elias (Business Data Processing), “Until the nineteenth century people found business calculation a very complex job because they have to be done”. Writing materials were very scarce therefore expensive to use for ordinary purpose.”...

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