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Local Area Network Essay

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Step by Step Guide to Setup LAN for Internet Cafe and Homes

Creating a Local Area Network is very easy. You can either hire someone to do it for you or do it yourself. In both cases the guide that follows comes handy. It teaches you how setup a LAN for your home or office or Internet cafe.
LAN is a network of connected computers and it can be used to organize a LAN party with your friends so you can enjoy multi-player games with them. In business it can help you share files between computers and share a single Internet connection.
Other uses of LAN are sharing Internet connection with neighbours and reducing the cost for everyone in the neighbourhood.


1) UTP Cat-5 Cables ...view middle of the document...

Your cable is ready.
10. Repeat the steps ‘1’ through ‘10’ for each computer.

5. Now your cables are ready
6. Insert one end of each cable in the ports of the switch.
7. Insert the free end of one cable into the router.
8. Insert the free ends of the remaining cables into the LAN ports of the computers
9. Arrange the cables in such a way that they are not creating hurdle for people.
10. Now bring the router into the working condition ( as directed by the vendor or the broadband service provider)
11. Power on the switch
12. Turn on the computers one by one.
13. Configure your network
1. Go to desktop of 1st computer
2. Right click on ‘My Computer’ icon.
3. Click on Properties
4. A new window is opened
5. Click on ‘Computer Name’ Tab
LAN Topology
6. Click on ‘Change…’ button.
7. A new window is opened.
8. Give the Computer Name e.g. Ahmad’s Computer. The computer name should be unique for each computer.
9. Now choose the ‘Workgroup:’ radio button and enter the name of your network e.g. Office Network.
10. Repeat the steps ‘b’ through ‘I’ for each computer.
11. Restart each computer and your network is ready to work.
Note: If your network is not yet working then the DHCP service may not be activated on your router or the router may not support it. If your router does not support DHCP, you may need to allot the IP addresses to the computers.

UTP Cat-5 Cable: (Unshielded Twisted Pair, Category 5 Cable):
It’s a cable available for networking. It consists of 4 pairs of...

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