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Loans Of The Microfinance Institutions Of Bangladesh

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Loans of the Microfinance institutions of Bangladesh: Individual assignment on the worked portion of the submitted Term Paper

Submitted to: Dr. Sheikh Abu Taher Lecturer Department of Finance & Banking

Submitted By: Mohammad Hussain Majumdar (598) BBA, Batch No: 02

Department of Finance & Banking Jahangirnagar University

October 2, 2012

Micro finance institutions introduced Microfinance Programs and now with more than 14 million members in all over the country. The prime goal of Microfinance Program is to reduce poverty by involving the poor to the production of different agro and non-agro enterprises. Micro finance institutions provide small and medium size loan to the poor ...view middle of the document...

This credit plays an assistance role to recover from disaster losses. Loans are provided in no or low interest, and the amount is 3000-5000TK. Only JCF provides this type of loans and its member are 1775 million. Agriculture Loan: The loan is exclusively for agricultural activities and is designed to increase the farm activities enhancing the livelihood of the poor rural and per urban households. The agricultural loan also enhances food security of the households. The loans are disbursed to landless and marginal farmers in organized groups. 12% payable in 46 installments JCF, 10%

Amount of the members’ areBURO, 25000 JCF, 48517

Hand Loan: The loan is intended to serve as a “social security net” and was designed implemented after the Customer Consultative Group Discussions and Client Satisfaction Surveys conducted by BURO Bangladesh. The hand loan is designed to protect customers from shocks to their household economies and the erosion of their financial, physical and social assets. Hand loans are used to finance important festivals (Eid, Puja, Christmas, marriages, etc.), health care and child education. The amount of the loan is BURO, 5000 BURO, 3000 and payable in three months Water & Sanitation Loan: Environmental health concerns continue to be an ominous factor contributing to diseases and poverty. Access to safe drinking water which is also free from arsenic...

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