Loan Documentation Essay

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Loan Documentation Checklist

|Borrower : |M/S.Chandra Spinning Mills Ltd. CD A/C# 0210008345 |
|Registered Address : |240 Tejgao Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208 |
|Status : |Private Limited Company |
|Loan A/c. No.: |SOD(G) -0140000771, LTR, PAD,LFS. |

|Sl No. |Nature of ...view middle of the document...

| | | |
|04 |From XII certified by RJSC regarding list of existing Directors |No |n/a |n/a |
| |for limited company. | | | |
|05 |Sanction Advice letter: accepted unconditionally by borrower. |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|06 |Demand Promissory Note |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|07 |Letter of agreement, |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|08 |Letter of disbursement |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|09 |Deed of partnership(For partnership firm) |No | | |
|10 |Letter of Revival |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|11 |Memorandum and Articles of Association(for limited company |No | | |
| |borrower) with certificate of incorporation | | | |
|12 |Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|13 |Letter of Continuity |Yes |19.08.2010 |19.08.2010 |
|14 |Letter of personal guarantee of all the Directors in case of Ltd, |No | | |
| |Company. | | | |
|15 |Corporate Guarantee |No | | |

02. Mortgage: (i) Date of completion of Regd. Mortgage:
(ii) Date of BLA’s satisfaction certificate:

|Sl No. |Description |Required |Date of document |Date of document received|
|1 |Original title deeds of mortgagor and previous owners (Bia-Deed) |Yes |19.03.02. 12.11.06 |1.3.07 |
|2 |C.S. S.A. and R.S. Parchas |Yes |30.08.06. 29.07.03 |1.3.07 |
|3 |Mutation parchas in mortgagor’s name, certified by Assistant...

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