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Living Conditions In The City And Country

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Living Conditions in the City and Country Man has always been attracted to city life. From the ancient Egyptians we see that city life was very important. Cities were the cultural backbone of the civilization since it was a place of trading, working, and meeting with one another. This trend is beginning to change though as we become more technologically advanced. People are moving out of the city and into the country or suburb areas. These days people are concerned about pollution, convenience, and raising there children. These reasons could be why the population has shifted. Pollution is a problem in cities today. Cities contain a large amount of people in a relatively small amount of space. Most of these people have cars that put out toxins into the atmosphere. Among the cars and trucks you have the heaters and A/C units that keep the building at a comfortable temperature that ...view middle of the document...

It use to be more convenient to live in the city because everything that was needed was at your disposal. When the stores moved out it became more convenient to live in the suburbs and country areas than in the city. The city is convenient though if you work in it. It's much easier to get to work if you live in the city since the commute is a shorter distance. Last, but not least is the conditions for raising children. City life on children can be hard. Most inner city schools don't have enough money and are over crowded. Inner city schools are mostly filled with poorer children where therewhose parents don't really care about there education, school is just a day care for them. This is a problem for any parent who wants to send there children to public school in the city. This is not the case for parents who send there children to public school in the suburbs. Usually the schools are well taken care of and the children are willing to learn because there is support at home. Most of the families are middle class citizens who get involved with there children's education. Another factor between the two environments is what activities there are for the children. In the city there is not nearly as much to do as in the country or suburbs. The city is a scary place for young children and they have a much better chance of getting into trouble in the city rather than the country. In the country or suburbs there are parks and usually many children to play with. Children ride there bikes and play ball in the street where they don't have to worry about getting mugged or ran over. This is one of the biggest reasons why people have steadily moved out of the cities. As you can see there are many aspects to city and rural living. Rural or country life is much better than city life in all aspects. Cities are becoming less populated as rural areas are becoming more populated. One day cities and suburbs could switch places in population size. The rate at which people are leaving shows that this could happen and then who knows, maybe they'll all move back to the city because it became a better way of life.

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