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Living As A Transgender At Work

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Living as a transgender at work
Week 2 assignment
Kevin Spreda
January 30, 2011

The world is full of different individuals from color, race genders, and religions. We all have issues that we deal with. These issue range from many things and change based on the individual. There are laws that protect each and every one of us in society and in the work place, so everyone thinks. This can be said for everyone unless you are a transgender or cross dresser. To anyone that does not know what transgender is basically it is an individual that was born one gender but acts or dresses as the other gender. This can also lead to have surgery to become the opposite gender as well. For the most part ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to working in the business area you learn to just deal with it because you need to work. Society is changing and one day it will be ok for a transgender to work without the persecution they suffer every day. Sure transgender should never have to hide them from society because it is who they are.
Ethically it is unfair for anyone to call anyone a name. The law is there to protect individuals from different races and religious backgrounds. The law tells us we can’t make judgments on the individual’s background for all these other reasons, but why not for the transgender community. Transgender have learned to accept this problem for the reasons of the law unfortunately.
Currently the Lesbian gay transgender community is fighting for equal rights in this great country. This is a process that has been hitting a wall for years and is not really showing signs of being fixed any time soon. Society may not change till this fight is won no matter how unethical this may be.
I have learned in the fifteen years that I have managed that...

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