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Living Apart Together Essay

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Living apart together.
Living apart together or LAT is not a concept I understand, perhaps I’m old fashioned but how can you say that you’re in a serious relationship, when you only see each other every few days? Of course I can see that when you are young like 16-25 years old, it is normal not to live together. But when you decide to start a family, how can you still live apart? Everybody’s different, and if it makes sense to them, then let them be. But in my point of view I could not be in that form of relationship.
Many couples are in a LAT relationship. To be in a LAT relationship means that you are involved with another person but you aren’t living together. It is mainly young ...view middle of the document...

What has happened to live happily ever after? He states that, to be able to commit to another person is a part of being in a relationship. When people have to live apart because of work or something else, it makes some sense but in a LAT they choose to live apart. That is in a way a strange way to live. Because when you love somebody why not live with them? It just doesn’t make much sense why envy want to live like that.

Many factors are playing in, when you are looking after style and tone in a personal text. The text is written by Gery Picariello and it’s about his what he thinks of LAT. He uses a lot of different ways to point out his opinion. For example when he is using the pope to let his own opinion shine through. He is using the pope like an indicator of the seriousness of this “problem”
He is writing in a way that is very close related to the spoken language, for example “Check out” normally you wouldn’t use that kind of style. Because it makes it more personally and many texts today have to be objective. He is also using a lot of his own experience, to underline his point of view. “ I kind of enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing my spouse happily snoring next to me”. To make the text more personal, we can see a lot of his own a opinions, “ well maybe I’m looking at the glass half full”, and sometimes he mix his own opinion and experience together “ I’m feeling more and more like the minority here but even during the roughest of times I kind of enjoy(…) “
He use capital letters on certain words to let them have a bigger effect, “ A new term for couples who just DON’T want to commit”.
Furthermore it is a...

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