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Was little rock nine more of a failure than a success for the civil rights?
One could argue that the little rock nine was a complete failure for the civil rights because, although the federal law about education had been legally changed, the reality was that the state governments were finding ways to get around the integration of the black children. Mostly the southern states found ways to rig the system to prevent as little integration as possible. They made it compulsory for the black children to have criteria like character and health for them to get into the school. This got rid of about 75to25 applicants. Then they tried to convince the rest of the remaining applicants not to continue with the application. Even if the children decided to go through with their application they risked abuse and being victimised everyday ...view middle of the document...

He also spread rumours that the black teenagers were buying weapons, and he appeared on local television predicting there would be a lot of violence if integration continued. By doing all of this faubus was trying to get in favour of the white voters who were deeply opposed integration anyway. The fact that the white people were still quite racist towards the blacks indicates no change in the attitudes and emphasised the scale of the obstacles the civil rights were still to face.
However the little rock nine was not a complete failure for the civil rights movement. The little rock were a symbol for the civil rights movement that they really could achieve equality. The nine students who were brave enough influenced others to also stand up for their rights. As well as the bravery of the nine, little rock also got a lot of publicity concerning the white protesters against integration. Public opinion in American and other countries was widely influenced by news reports. Using onsite TV cameras revealed quite shocking reports from innocent looking girls white girls who expressed violently racist views. This careful publicising for the civil rights made others aware of the situation going on in Arkansas. Further president Eisenhower’s involvement in the issue promoted more publicity for the civil rights movement. He announcing his full support for integration and sending 1000 paratroopers in placed of the national guards in Arkansas popularized the civil rights movement even more.
Overall little rock was more of success than a failure for the civil rights movement this is because, although the movement goals hadn’t fully been achieved or put into much action it made a lot of progress from where it has previously started from and the fact that they had gotten somewhere with its message was really significant to helping the civil rights movement overall.

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