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Little Red Riding Hood Analysis

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Jessica O’Mara

Little Red Riding Hood

No matter the version, most people can recall the walk to Grandma’s house in the story Little Red Riding Hood. In Charles Perrault’s edition, the walk to grandma’s house didn’t end so pleasant for the inexperienced young riding hood; a sneaky wolf and the youthful girl’s paths crossed for a quick and unfortunate last time. Perrault’s characters show both sides to two morals many children are taught; be kind to your neighbors and elders, and to not talk to strangers. The moral Little Riding Hood followed contradicted the other and in the end, sealed her fate.
Most would assume a child of any age with good manners had ...view middle of the document...

If Riding Hood hadn’t been so open to speaking with the wolf, he probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out where she was heading and who she was seeing. The wolf in the story, symbolizes the harm a stranger can do if a child acknowledge them. The story goes as far as showing that Riding Hood’s sweet, immature personality ended in the worst happening to her; she got eaten. One might see this theme of the story as a way to scare children into ignoring and staying away from strangers. Another might think of it as an illustrated example showing children than they aren’t wise enough to decipher good guys, from bad guys, so stay away from them all.
The theme to not talk to strangers is the hidden one at first. The story starts out safe and friendly with Riding Hood talking with Mr. Wolf on her to Grandma’s house. It isn’t until the end that the reader can tell Riding Hood is in some sort of danger. There is a bit of foreshadowing given when Mr. Wolf makes it a point to look around and check if there were loggers nearby. At that point the reader can assume Wolf had something...

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