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Little Red Riding Hood Essay

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On May 27, 2014, at 9:59 PM, Wendy West wrote:

Running Header: Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a blonde, blue eyed boy named SJ, that was about three years old and was the center of his grandmother’s universe. Unfortunately his grandmother was old and feeble and was unable to work which meant she had no way of paying her mortgage and her home was about to be foreclosed upon.
One beautiful, warm, spring morning the young boy’s mother wrapped several pieces of gold and silver in his very special red blanket and put them into his backpack with instructions to go straight to his grandmother’s house. The young boy was to go through the woods and stay on the dirt path they had always taken in the past. His mother emphasized to him how important it was that he not strays due to the wild animals that lived in the woods. The young boy agreed and with that set off to grandmother’s house.
As he entered the woods he noticed the birds were singing, the squirrels ...view middle of the document...

He then unwrapped the pieces of gold and silver from his special red blanket and tied his blanket around his neck, for you see, what made his blanket so special was that it made him invisible. Without fear he found his way back to the path and continued on his way.
The wolf couldn’t shake the thought about what a tasty meal the young boy would make. He came up with a plan to beat the young boy to his grandmother’s house. He would eat the young boy’s grandmother and lie in waiting so he could gobble up the young boy too, so he hurried on his way. When the wolf arrived he knocked on the door and grandmother thought it was her lovely young grandson so she hurried to the door and before she could utter a word the mean old wolf gobbled her up. The wolf then put on one of grandmother’s night caps and jumped into her bed.
When the young boy arrived he noticed the door was opened so he went quietly into the house. The young boy looked everywhere for his grandmother to no avail until he entered the bedroom and realized there was someone in grandmother’s bed. As the young boy got closer he could tell it couldn’t be his grandmother and fortunately whoever or whatever it was could not see him due to his very special blanket. The young boy then quietly turned and went into the kitchen where he pulled a butcher knife out of one of the drawers. Without a thought the young boy re-entered the bedroom and removed his blanket from around his neck. When the wolf saw the young boy he sat straight up out of bed startled, not knowing where the young boy had appeared from.
The young boy questioned the wolf, “Where’s my grandmother?” The wolf replied, “I ate her just like I’m going to do to you!” The wolf lunged at the young boy not knowing about the butcher knife behind his back and when the wolf did the young boy swung at him cutting the wolf across the stomach and releasing grandmother. The wolf fell to the floor and died.
The young boy jumped into his grandmother’s arms and lovingly kissed her. He then pulled out the pieces of gold and silver from his backpack and gave them to his grandmother. Grandmother was so excited to be able to save her home that they celebrated with together with the young boys’ favorite dessert, a huge bowl of grandmother’s homemade vanilla ice cream!

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