Little Falls Hospital Risk Management, Week You Decide

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Risk management Assessment of Lydia Bevins

Venkata Pulakanti
HSM 542_W5_You Decide
Keller Graduate School of Management

Risk Management Assessment of Lydia Bevins
Director of Risk Management-

Felicia Larue, CEO for Little Falls Hospital Has brought the Case of Lydia Bevins to my attention to assess and ensure the rights of the patients and the risks that may be associated with Little Falls Hospital are minimal.
Lydia Bevin is a 45 –year-old woman, has been on a ventilator for respiratory assistance for over six months because of an automobile accident. Lydia Bevins is paralyzed and is only able to communicate through head nods. It is ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Bob Prichard patient’s physician is not sure what advice to give the family about patient’s length of survival.
New York’s Family Health Care Decisions making Act (FHCDA) and as mentioned above the New York Health Care Proxy Law need to address in this assessment. In further review of the FHCDA it “allows the family to make decisions for an incapacitated patient, regardless if the patient has either a signed advanced directive and the surrogate decision maker has direct knowledge of the patient’s wishes or will act in the best interest of the patient”. (Swindler, 2010). Due to the fact that Harry Bevins is Lydia’s direct appointed guardian, it allows for him to make the decision to stop life sustaining initiatives. However, Mr. Bevins decision can only be based on a doctor making the decision that Lydia is incapacitated and is unable to make healthcare decisions herself.
In order to understand the underlying implications of Lydia’s health care decisions, we need to know what each option is. If Lydia is withdrawn form life support treatment, then the risk for Lydia to die is imminent with no chance of recovery. This would conclude that Lydia’s wishes would be granted and would be kept with State legislation. If this is the option then counseling, physician, hospital staff caring for Lydia and debriefing session with family will need to take place. (Swindler,...

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