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Little Book Of Goodness Essay

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The Right Choice
As a dad with young children, I know there are lots of things to worry about when your little one starts school for the first time. Will they like their teacher? Will they make friends? Will they ever grow into that uniform?! But the one thing you can be reassured about is school lunch. School menus are now measured against tough national standards - so by choosing school meals for your child, you know they’re being offered healthy, tasty dishes to fuel them up for the afternoon. Investment in food, kitchens, dining rooms and training has helped cooks and lunchtime supervisors to make sure that every child has a great lunchtime at school. We created the Little Book of ...view middle of the document...

l lunches must now provide a t least one por tion of fr uit and o ne por tion of vegetab les or salad per child.

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prepare our “We freshly ls. We pride school mea ealthy n serving h ourselves o s us food, plu and delicio of at ve a choice children ha and rtion of fr uit least one po ve a day. We ha vegetables es to techniqu learned new and our cooking help us with ourses n training c have been o f the meals are o ensure our to lity.” highest qua ok, l, School Co Carol Worral l urch Schoo Cuerden Ch

Getting it just right
It’s only natural to be concerned about whether your child is eating the right things, getting enough food and if they will actually eat anything at all. That’s why lunchtimes are well supervised. School cooks know new or different foods may not have been seen or tried before by children and will let children have tasters and encourage them to experiment. Find out what your children are being served in school - ask your child’s school to give you a menu. Every school is different at lunchtime, that’s why we encourage you to talk to your child’s school about the lunches they offer. You can also find out if they provide family dining, classroom dining, or sittings by year group. Schools want to hear what you think about the food and the dining area, so only Comm uit fr why not see if you erved s and can try a taster bles vegeta meal yourself?


Top ters! ussy eaten go Tip F of

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Of those pupils bringing a packe d lunch, o ve sweets o r half ate r chocola te, and alm ost half ate salty sn acks suc h as crisp s.
Source: P rimary Food Surv School ey (2009), S chool Fo od Trust

so sy eater, as is a fus at he “Thom oncer n th lways a c y there is a r meal. B e at a prope won’t e lunches w to school p of him signing u e chance se ere’s mor know th r the cour lthily ove a eating he y.” of the da as, m of Thom zanne, mu Su Lancashire , Darwen, aged 6


Fun and excitement
Children love eating together at lunchtime. It’s all part of a normal day at school and a chance for them to socialise with their friends away from lessons. Plus, they are also more likely to try new foods if they see their friends eating them. School are doing lots of great things with their pupils to improve the school meal experience, from turning old-style canteens into family-style dining rooms, to decorating rooms with brightly coloured pictures. The cooks, supervisors and assistants are passionate about food. They will often chat with the children about what’s on the menu and how food links into their learning in the classroom. The whole experience is designed to be fun, safe, enjoyable and rewarding.

Overweight ch ildren are more likel y to become overw eight adults. School food can help shape the eating habits that lea d to a...

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