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According to the reports published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Injury Centre (2007), falls are the third most common cause of unintentional injury death across all age groups and the first leading cause among people 65 years and older (Tzeng, H., & Yin, C. (2008). A hospital can be a dangerous and erratic place for inpatients because of its unfamiliar physical environment (different from their home settings) and because of changes in patients’ medical conditions as related to their physical and psychological health and sensory systems (Tzeng, H., & Yin, C. (2008). The following research ...view middle of the document...

Literature Search 2: Analysis of Falls Incidents: Nurse and Patient Preventive Behaviors
Nurses play an important role in preventing and managing falls in acute hospitals (Johnson, George, & Tran, 2011). The researchers’ analyzed 577 hospital fall incidents and found 77% unwitnessed and most resulted in no patient harm (85%). Further qualitative analysis of 40 incidents highlighted a high proportion of falls being related to transferring near the bed unit. Simple messages for nurses working in acute care settings are recommended including 'high risk activity (transferring, mobilizing) and high risk area (bed unit, toilet/bathroom) is a high risk situation'. A balanced approach emphasizing patient and family education and the use of alarm devices where supervision is not available are suggested. Post fall management by nurses might be contributing to the low occurrence of injury reported in these findings and requires further research.
Literature Search 3: Risk Assessment and Fall Prevention: Practice Development in Action
Amongst the health disciplines, nurses spend the most time with patients providing most of the supervision in care. Therefore, nurses have a primary role to play in contributing to knowledge surrounding the best methods of assessment of risk and prevention of adverse events. According to the Australian Incident Monitoring System (AIMS), the adverse event (38%) most frequently reported in acute hospital settings is patient falls (Evans et al 1998). The continuing rise in reported rates of falls in the acute medical wards of a tertiary hospital, on the Central Coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia was the impetus for an action research project aimed at increasing nurses' sense of ownership of their fall prevention...

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