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Literature In Translation Broken April Essay

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 women being treated as property, especially after marriage. Diana’s difference drives Ukacierra to refer to her as “a witch. Beautiful as the fairies of the high mountains but evil.” (p.134) This shows a genuine dislike towards the Western guest and in fact shows how women are marginalized in the region normally.
As mentioned in chapter two, the culture in the high plateau undermines the “normal” rights of women. This notion is extended here in chapter three where the “blessed cartridge” is brought up to discussion once again. Men are allowed to shoot their wives if she proved unfaithful. Women, on the other hand, are not allowed to shoot their husbands if their husbands proved unfaithful. ...view middle of the document...

If made to say who has disgraced them, 
then the accomplice is caught and they both are killed.”
Diana seems to gain many stares and what seems to be unwanted attention, however Diana and Bessian do not stay long and as they return back towards the inn in order to get to the castle of Orosh, they come across Gjorg who is on his way back after paying the blood debt. Gjorg, seemed to influence Diana dramatically as Bessian spoke about him saying “a man must have the will of a titan to turn toward death on orders that come from a place so far away” (p112). After meeting Gjorg, they finally make it to the Castle of Orosh, all the while Diana remembering the encounter with the marked man.
Diana, the young wife of Bessian, seems to be fairly happy about her new marriage, however it seems as though she needs some getting used to the idea of marriage as “her friends envied her and told her: you’ll be escaping the world of reality for a world of epic that scarcely exists anymore” (63). However as the journey presses on, the area around her begins to influence her greatly as “minute by minute she feels like something was collapsing inside her” (71). She is also influenced by meeting the character Gjorg, and “she said the name to herself and she felt that an emptiness was spreading inside her chest” (116). Gjorg also plays a role in this chapter, however he is mostely given life through the thoughts of Diana and Bessian. The emphasis on “emptiness” suggests that it is possible that Diana may have married the wrong man and her feelings may have become empty. The “emptiness” could apply to her feelings about the place as well, which she seems to suggest are not as positive and accepting as Bessian’s. It could also suggest that this place, the High Plateau, sucks the life out of a person in a way, as seen in previous chapters depicting Gjorg. Diana further confirms her hesitations and second thoughts through meeting Gjorg as she feels like she is “losing the defenses a young woman from the very idea of having strong feelings for another man” (116).
Gjorg, who is mainly depicted through the thoughts of Diana and Bessian, seems to play a key role in depicting the relationship that Bessian and Diana share. Gjorg, who has been on a trip to the Castle of Orosh in order to pay his blood tax, passes by the couple where sudden incitement emerges, particularly between Diana and Gjorg. This is suggested through Bessian’s insecurity when she says “perhaps that’s why he was so pale” (111). Gjorg then makes the mistake of thinking she said “beautiful,” rather than “pale” (these two words may sound similar in the original Albanian writing of the novel). However, Gjorg “dismisses the idea at once” (111) to regain the confidence he boldly maintains throughout their trip to the Castle of Orosh. Bessian describes Gjorg as a “Hamlet of our mountains”(110) as they discuss their encounter with Gjorg, showing how Bessian’s outlook towards everything around him is of relevance...

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