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Literature Essay

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New Environment

In my opinion, living in a novel place is the most puzzling events, which a person can undergo. To some people this may be interesting but to Katrina, she finds it hard to deal with.
The immigrant that I interviewed comes from the orient-seas of the Philippines and her name is Katrina. The Philippines, formally identified as the Philippines’ Republic, is an independent island nation within the Southeast Asia within the west of Pacific Ocean.
In the northern Philippines across the Luzon-Strait lies Taiwan, while in the western Philippines across the Southern China Sea sit Vietnam. The nation includes numerous small island factions but comprises largely of the Philippine Islands, the hugest in Malay-Archipelago.
The surrounding waters consist of the Philippine and Pacific Sea in the east; the Celebes and Sulu seas in the south, as well as the Southern ...view middle of the document...

When a chance emerged for Katrina’s parents to live and work abroad, they instantly seized the prospect. It was in 2000 that Katrina’s family relocated to America. Katrina’s parents were employed within one of the notable hospices in the U.S.
Katrina added that a lot of Filipinos consider America as an environment of great opportunities. Filipinos believe that residing within the United States is a dream-come-true as well as working in the United States would afford them a better future.
Relocating to America was not at all times easy for Katrina. She was culture-shocked as she indicated. Although she had a better and comfy home to dwell in; however, at first she and her siblings were not that blissful.
Katrina’s parents began to be extremely engaged at work. Her other two younger-siblings were beginning to carp that their parents had less or no time to spend with them. They seldom saw their parents.
Most of the evenings, Katrina and her siblings would have dinner without their parents, something that never happened while they were living in Philippines. A behavior that is common in America.
Katrina being the eldest had to play a bigger role of taking care of her younger siblings. She had to explain to her them why their parents were never around despite the loneliness and the struggle to fit within the new environment.
According to Katrina, however, her family began to get accustomed to the novel environment although Katrina’s parents were very concerned that she was embracing the American-mainstream culture, thereby, contributing more tension in the family.
Conclusively, most people may migrate to the United States because of war, economic hardships, natural disasters, or political struggles within the republic of origin. In my interview, Katrina’s family had to move to the United States for economic purposes.
Although most persons may find this change of scenery to be exciting, to some, it may be lonely, unsettling especially to the children. The new environment can prove to be confusing and may bring tension in a family.

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