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Literary Commentary (Chronicle Of A Death Foretold)

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Literary Commentary
(Chronicle of a Death Foretold)

Chronicle of a Death Foretold tells the somewhat tragic death of Santiago Nasar at the hands of Angela Vicario—not the Vicario twins. Her forced marriage led to all sorts of feelings against the people around her that very well could have been the cause of Angela blaming Santiago for the loss of her virginity—but that does not mean that it is not true. Her negativity starts out with Bayardo San Roman, Angela’s groom. He enters the scene seeing Angela on multiple occasions in the town. On the first time they saw each other ‘first hand,’ Angela was in charge of singing out the raffle numbers when Bayardo came up and “just to impress her, ...view middle of the document...

They just don’t care about feelings as a whole; they just jump at any opportunity that puts them in a better position for wealth. This makes one question what the definition of happiness is because in American society today, happiness is more of how satisfied one is with oneself, while in their society it is more of how rich you are. And that can be a two headed monster because with the American standard of happiness wealth is not a given it is something lucky people have yet they fail to realize that it is diligence not luck that earns money while one can still be happy without riches. In Angela Vicario’s society one is not looked on as happy or successful unless he or she has money which closes the door for feelings to play a part in decision-making, and that is just a result of poverty.
Chronicle of a Death Foretold conceptually takes place in a Latin American society where, coming from a US opinion, the word “American” should not even be included in the name. There are so many differences between our society and the one tin the book that it is hard to believe that we are continentally connected. With that, the reason this book is so difficult to read becomes so clear that it makes me want to read it less and less with...

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