Literary Analysis Of Writing Styles Between Harper Lee And Stephen King

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Both Harper Lee and Stephen King are well known authors throughout the novel world. This could not be accomplished by both of them with out great individual writing styles. While Harper Lee and Stephen King both exemplify great writing styles in relation to the six traits of writing in their books, Harper Lee chooses to focus more on voice in her work by holding the readers attention by using great diction in To Kill a Mocking Bird, while Stephen King prefers to focus more on idea development from using great and vivid detail that is set in a realistic everyday place in his style of writing.
Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize-winning published in 1960. It was instantly successful and became an American classic of modern fiction. Harper Lee’s writing style mainly consists of the trait voice in her ...view middle of the document...

King likes to combine the elements of thrillers, science fiction, mystical, and detective themes into his writings. Stephen King likes focus on the trait of idea development. Stephen King is fond of pouring deep images and details into the reader’s mind by using “vivid detail that is set in a realistic everyday place.”(“The King of Terror") King’s ideas in his stories engage the readers’ imagery senses by drawing upon his or hers’ common fears and explaining them in the most utmost way. (“Stephen King”. Stephen King's writing style) One of King's best work is and best explains his writing style of using his experiences and observations from his life and placing them into his unique works is "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption". The story tells of how Andy Dufresne, who is falsely tried, convicted, and sentenced to back-to-back life sentences for the double murder of his wife and her lover, deals with being trapped within a horrible situation that is out of his hands. (King, Stephen. "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption")
Harper Lee and Stephen King both exemplify great writing styles in their writings, Harper Lee chooses to focus more on voice, while Stephen King prefers to focus more on idea development writing. Even though both Harper Lee and Stephen King focus on different traits of writing, they both have a combination of all six traits to be called effective writers and mark their paths in the world of writing.

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