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Literal Analysis

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Luis E. Torrijos Oro
World Literature II
ENG 20200
October 10, 2014
Prof. Hurt Spencer
Analysis # 2 Candide
Candide is a satire novella written in the year 1750 by the French philosopher Voltaire. It is a story of optimism, which is focused on the life of Candide, and his journey through the outside world that transformed his way of thinking about life. The question for this literary analysis is if Candide gain insight during the story, and my answer is yes.
Humanity can relate the life of Candide with real life. I believe that this was the purpose of the story, which is to send everyone a message of how to develop ourselves through life. I believe everything that went ...view middle of the document...

This passage from the book tells us that we, human beings, live in the best of all possible worlds, what happens during our lives is for a reason, and that everything is for the best. After being kidnapped Candide went through so much hardship trough his life, and all that he thought about was what Pangloss had taught him. Candide believed that it could not be another better place for him to be. I believe that some of this might be true, everything happens for a reason, and all the hardship that Candide went through was for a reason. It was destiny what drove Candide to the end. In a presentation made by the student Alejandro Muñoz he tells us: “you are the creator of your own destiny, and this makes our lives matter”. I concur with Alejandro, it is not possible that you will let everything happen by itself. For example, you are not going to be able to fulfill your destiny sitting in the corner of a room waiting. Some things happen by choice, and other things do not. You do not choose your family, but you do choose your friends, at some extent. People influence our life just as people influenced Candide life, like the old lady who tells him the tragic...

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