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Literacy Narrative Essay

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Literacy Narrative

Literacy Narrative

The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. I vividly remember the feelings of hopelessness and despair that would plague me when I thought that I would never accomplish my goal of being fluent in French. Year after year I made the same New Year’s resolution, to learn French, but by the end of March all that remained where hopes and dreams. Every year a new edition of a audio learning courses was neatly organized in the attic to catalogue another failed attempt. It wasn't until 2012 when I was given an attractively packaged computer assisted language learning software that changed my failed attempts into an attainable reality. The software was ...view middle of the document...

In our opinion it is easier to grasp conjugating verbs in French then it Spanish. Once we saw the pattern to conjugating simple French verbs it felt like we knew hundreds more. From their compound tenses and imperative tenses became second nature to us. As we both continued to advance in our French studies we keep on discovering more similarities that would ultimately help us progress faster in our French studies. The lesson that we comprehended within a matter of hours was noun-adjective agreement in terms of the gender.
Unlike the English language some adjectives in the Spanish language can be either feminine or masculine. Other the years I has forgotten this since I have not written in Spanish since I was 15. When speaking to my mother and father Spanish came so naturally that it was not necessary to think about this subject. Noun-adjective agreement in terms of the gender was keep so far in the recesses of my mind that I was actually shocked that I had to continuously think about it in the French language. In English adjectives are always found in front of the noun and for the most part...

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