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Literacy In Business, Heaven And Hell

606 words - 3 pages

Belief in Heaven and Hell
Christopher Shane Inlow
CGD218: Visual Literacy in Business
Professor Felicia Maxwell
October 31, 2010

I. Introduction
A. Thesis Statement
II. Religion and History
A. Definition Heaven and Hell
B. Heaven and Hell in many religions.
III. Heaven, Hell, and Culture Influence
A. Cultures around the world
IV. Conclusion

Heaven and Hell, the belief in the existence of both realms has influenced human society throughout history and most likely before recorded history. “Many people follow a religion because it promises them happiness in life or in some kind of life after death, or they believe it will save them from eternal damnation. The prospect of an afterlife also offers hope to those who suffer in this life.” (World Book, 2010). After life is a thought process that helps eleminate the fear of nothingness ...view middle of the document...

” (Encarta Dictionary, 2009). Heaven can also mean bliss or the sky. There are also many different names for heaven. The Chinese name for heaven is Tian represented by this character. This character can be considered a symbol. Our text states, “A symbol has conventional meaning , and there is no logical connection between this meaning and the symbol itself . It is something we have to learn.” (Berger, 2008, pg. 49) There are also many other names for Heaven. Arcadia, Canaan, Elysium, Shangri-la, Utopia, and Zion are just a few other names.
There are also many definitions and names for Hell. The religious definition of Hell given by the Encarta Dictionary is “ place of punishment after death: according to many religions, the place where the souls of people who are damned suffer eternal punishment after death.” (Encarta Dictionary, 2009) As with Heaven, Hell can have various meanings. Hell can mean underground, or something that might cause pain and suffering. Within other cultures and religions Hell has many names. Ancient African names for Hell are Kuzima and Hetwauge. Other names are Metnal, Hades, Sheol, Tartarus, and Mictlan. These names come from the history of various countries around the world.
The evidence of a belief in the after life is apparent in various religions through out history and around the world. However diverse the world religions may be the reaccuring theme of Heaven and Hell is found in most of them. From Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism which are a few of the main religions of the modern day, to ancient Aztec, Myan, Native American, and even religions of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, all share some belief in both Heaven and Hell.
Belief in Heaven and Hell not only influenced cultural development in the past; It is still plays an important role in our society today. The dress, ideas, art and even politics of many countries to day are directly or indirectly influenced by the belief in an afterlife. In many Middle Eastern countries

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