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Literacy, How It Effects Your Children

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Literacy, How It Effects Our Children’s Lives
Janice Barstow
Eng.122 English Composition 2
Professor Quiana McCoy-Taylor
February 18, 2013

Literacy, How It Effects Our Children’s Lives
What is literacy? The definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: The quality and state being of literate, able to read and write. In the 19th century, anyone who could sign his or her name was considered literate; now, educators define literacy as the ability to read and write at a ninth grade level (Mayshark, 1994). Experts are now expanding their notion of what literacy is and how we need to include technology use, parental involvement, and economics. Without technology children will fall ...view middle of the document...

Students do not realize they are writing because it’s enjoyable. In asking students how they felt about writing in class the response was, “You know, I can’t get into writing. There are too many rules, and it’s always boring (William, B. T. 2005)”. Educators need to expand their thoughts and realize students are writing and reading and literacy is a huge part of student’s lives outside the classroom. Some parent’s involvement encourages their children to engage in such games for the sole purpose of them reading and writing and using their imagination.
Parental involvement is a huge part of a child’s life. When children see their parents are engage with what they do, they make an effort to work harder. When they see their parents are as excited as they are for a project or a good grade the child wants to do more. Even a parent who involves themselves in fund raisers, or any school functions, a child is more apt to do better. A recent survey conducted by the NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People) Detroit Branch showed that 97 percent of people believed that parent involvement is an important factor in the education a child receives (Michigan Chronicle, 2004, Mar 16). As parents we are our child’s first teacher. Parents should have their children ready and at the level they need to be to start kindergarten. Helpful hints on how to prepare their children: one – cutting off the television, two – making sure homework is done, three – serving nutritious meals, and four – a reasonable bed time (Michigan chronicle, 2004, March 16). With following these rules the NAACP believes this is a great start to your child’s education.
In 1991 a survey by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching showed that one-third of American children were unprepared. Ernest Boyer, President of the Carnegie Foundation called for a “network of support” strategy. The respond from President Bush and Governors was that- “all children in America will start school ready to learn (Carnegie proposal to aid readiness, 1991, Dec 08)”
In the summer of 1991 another survey was conducted with 7000 kindergarten teachers to see if what they felt if children were ready or not. The teachers said that nearly 1.5 million children are not prepared to enter school. From this point Carnegie envisions a network of parents, educators, community, and healthcare to come together and help children prepare for schooling. Being unprepared can cause serious consequences in long term. For example, three-quarters of students who have not had their reading or learning deficiencies corrected by the time they are nine years old they are likely to have problems through high school and possibly the rest of their lives (Michigan chronicle, 2004). This is why parent involvement is so important.
To define parental involvement there is no clear definition. Parental involvement can include; partnerships between home and school, parents volunteering in...

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