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Lit Review: Radicalization Among Us

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When faced with the sociological paradigms of diversity, one is conflicted with many ideals of what is right in a society. Every culture has different socialized norms to conform to and spread among the community. Each culture has different ways of controlling the population into abiding by these norms. Some are influenced by religion, race, and their rank in the social hierarchy. The first article I read was about the use of biometrics by Coalition forces with the “war on terror”. The article explains how the use of biometric documentation of civilians is creating a system of controlling the population, and getting rid of life that is read to be potentially dangerous. The second article ...view middle of the document...

The first theme I explored is race relations. In the first article, the biometric system used by coalition forces is extremely hindered to favor people that fit into the “white” normative race. The technology used, claims to be racially neutral, yet it relies on distinct heritable traits resulting in the categorization of people based on their ethnic background. As generations develop, the system will continue to racially profile civilians, and support the racial assumptions, which goes against the fight against racial profiling as a whole.
In the second article, the racialization of surveillance in Canada’s North- West is explored. The need to control Canada’s indigenous population through surveillance, is an extremely racialized process. The surveillance sees any race other than white as the enemy, and as someone that “doesn’t belong”. Following the structure of settler governmentality, there is a divide between “good” and “bad” indigenous people. “Good” ones, abide to the social norms and expectations that are held by Canada’s North-West. While “bad” ones, stick to their own traditions, and are seen as a threat due to this difference in lifestyle. The third article, analyzes how Canada’s social norms do not coincide with other cultures expectations. The tradition of honor crimes among some cultures, are expected and cherished. Though while making the move to Canada, a country that abides by Western ideals, honor crimes are seen as primitive and animalistic. Due to the selective interest in honor crime by the Canadian government, Canada is...

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